Rise & Shine Festival 2016: A Spectacular Celebration

Embracing the spirit of community, Rise & Shine Festival 2016 turned out to be an extraordinary event, and it wouldn’t have been possible without your valuable support! Across three days, attendees experienced a multitude of enriching activities, from free Planetarium shows to captivating theatrical performances by local production houses.

Exploration Through Assessments

The festival offered complimentary assessments designed to evaluate children’s abilities, allowing parents to gain insights into their child’s strengths and areas for growth. With over 50 trial classes available, kids had the opportunity to explore diverse interests and uncover their hidden potentials.

Contests, Games, and Goodie Bags

An array of engaging contests and games added excitement to the festivities. Attendees were treated to over 500 daily free goodie bags, ensuring that the joy of the festival extended beyond the event itself. The free Mascot Meet & Greet sessions were a hit, creating cherished memories for children and families.

Toys & Book Fair Extravaganza

Featuring the best Toys & Book Fair in town, the festival provided a comprehensive platform for parents to discover various academic and enrichment offerings. The fair catered to children’s educational needs while ensuring a weekend filled with entertainment and contests suitable for the entire family.

Looking Forward to 2017

As the curtains fell on Rise & Shine Festival 2016, the anticipation for the next event reached new heights. The success of this year’s festival sets the stage for an even grander experience at Marina Bay Sands in February 2017. Join us in this journey of learning, discovery, and family fun by clicking [here](insert link).

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