Singapore Book Of Records: Most Number of People Drinking Cultured Milk Together


8 October 2016 – More than 300 families with young children turned up and successfully set a NEW Singapore’s Book of Records for largest number of people drinking cultured milk together. Hosted by Meiji and organised by Rise & Shine, this was an initiative that aimed to promote a healthy gut for a healthy life.


In recent years, a popular way of boosting intestinal health is through consuming probiotics, which is similar to the good bacteria found naturally in the human gut. A key benefit of probiotic is it helps the body function properly according to the National Healthcare Group: it re-populates the intestinal bacteria and balances the gut’s flora which in turn, reduces the risks of infection caused by certain inflammatory bowel diseases.


Through this event, Rise & Shine and Meiji successfully promoted the importance of improving gastrointestinal health for a healthy life across all ages. We could not have completed this record-breaking feat without the support parents, kids and sponsors. Thank you everyone and lets look forward to the next record breaking event!


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