Our Parenting Community

Rise & Shine is fervently supported by a group of like-minded parents who are passionate about families and children.  These dedicated parent bloggers have helped many in the online parenting community through sharing their parenting experiences and stories on their blogs.



A Dollop Of Me

This space is a dollop of the life of Corsage, the blog’s author. It gives a peek into her world as a woman, a wife and a mother. Covering topics of family, food and healthy living, Corsage writes about the embracing the joys and quirks of daily living, her thoughts on marriage and parenting, and issues concerning women.

Website: www.adollopofme.com

A Nugget of Joy

Zee is a full-time working mother and a lover of coffee, pretty cafes and photography. On this blog, Zee shares her thoughts on marriage, motherhood and the joys of parenting. She hopes her blog will be a helpful resource and source of inspiration for fellow mothers. On occasion, she writes reviews of cafes, shares stories from her travels and flaunts her new buys.

Website: http://anuggetofjoy.com


RainbowDiaries is a natural progression of all my social media adventures – created to explore the whole new and enchanting world of social media.I am a mom to my 2 wonderful kids, wife to my very supportive hubby, an IT professional and a multitasker. This multi-tasking ability makes me write RainbowDiaries – Parenting, Lifestyle and Food blog site.

Website: www.RainbowDiaries.com

A View from Mama’s Desk

Having quit her full-time job to spend more time with her kids, Ling Siew runs an e-business from home and hopes that it’ll generate enough profits to fund life’s little luxuries. She is blessed with a loving husband and two adorable boys. A View from Mama’s Desk chronicles the joys and pains of parenthood.

Website: blog.mamashoppe.com


A passionate blogger and mother to 3 kids, Irene is a stay-at-home mom who believes that good character is more important than competence. Ahsoh.sg is a lifestyle blog about parenting, food, traveling, photography, places of interest in Singapore, product reviews, giveaways and just about anything under the sun.

Website: ahsoh.sg

Beanie N Us

Alicia is a caffeine addict, a working mum and a hopeless child at heart who enjoys finding ways to re-live her childhood! Alicia writes about the field trips and fun crafts she and her preschooler enjoy. She blogs and reviews early childhood education resources and programmes and also shares some of her simple and hearty recipes. In between, this mum shares her whimsical thoughts and candid views on parenting.

Website: www.beanienus.blogspot.sg


Kelvin Ang is a Daddy Blogger and blessed owner of three kids, two terrapins and one fabulous wife. Watch him get twirled around their fingers as the family indulges in kids-friendly activities together – who says parenting can’t be fun?

Website: www.cheekiemonkie.net


Cherie is a mother of 2 boys. Cherieladie, her personal blog, is filled with events of her life and topics that she is passionate about – travelling, food and nails! Since the day motherhood descended on her, Cherie has been journaling her sons’ milestones and growing up days, as well as her struggles to juggle everything from a full-time job to changing diapers on the go!

Website: www.cherieladie.livejournal.com

Eczema Blues

EczemaBlues.com is THE resource for parents of kids with eczema, started by Marcie, a mom of a baby girl who has had eczema since she was two weeks old. Marcie is passionate in helping families of children with eczema, sharing helpful resources through her blog, her children’s book, national support group and eczema fund.

Website: www.eczemablues.com

Ed Unloaded

Edmund is a Daddy Blogger who loves sharing his journey and insights as a parent. Besides being a father of 3 kids, Edmund is a trained Parenting Facilitator with Focus on the Family, and has delivered lectures in the polytechnics and on social media. Edmund has been nominated for numerous parenting awards and is an invited member of the Media Literacy Council.

Website: www.edunloaded.com

Daddy Chow

DaddyChow, a.k.a Collin, is an IT Engineer by day and a blogger by night. DaddyChow is blessed with a wonderful wife, Xinyi, and a handsome son, Reuben. His blog documents his adventures in raising up his son and contains reviews of products and places for kids. Through his blog, DaddyChow hopes to encourage other dads to be more involved in the lives of their kids.

Website: www.daddychow.com

Give them Roots and Wings

Give them Roots and Wings is about loving children through helping them reach their destinies. Elisa blogs about her thoughts and journey as a wife and a mother of three spirited boys, as well as her fostering experiences. She and her husband believes in values-driven and intentional parenting – bringing up children who aspire to be excellent in word and deed. They are works-in-progress, but through their journey, they have lots of fun and enjoy the children for who they are.

Website: www.loveourchildrennow.sg

Growing with the Tans

A teacher by profession and mother of one boy, Adeline keeps herself sane by chronicling her family’s experiences on her blog.

Adeline finds humour in trying to conquer the steep learning curve in parenting, and her husband is her main subject in her observations about parenthood. She enjoys doing reviews on various child-related products, services, and places, in the hope that her blog will help other new parents feel less alone and clueless.

Website: http://growingwiththetans.com

Kids “R” Simple

Christy (a.k.a Simple Mum) is a working mum who has 3 lovely young kids and a super supportive hubby. Her daily routine is beyond madness – filled with kids, a full-time job, house chores, blogging and some me-time (spa and shopping)! She teaches her kids to enjoy the simple things in life and appreciate what they have from young. She blogs on kids’ activities, parenting and the things she’s learning from her journey.

Website: www.kidsrsimple.com

Life in the Wee Hours

This blog tells the story of the Wee family: Adrian, Anya, Adam & Delphine. It is about faith, family, friends, and very importantly, food. It is about how they live, who they love and what they laugh about.

Website: intheweehours.wordpress.com

Life is in the Small Things

Vera is the mum of two tots who believes that both the small things and big moments in life are worth remembering. On her blog, Life is in the Small Things, she notes the mundane moments, celebrates the special times, contemplates the heavy questions, and laughs over the quirky things that make up her life.

Website: www.lifeisinthesmallthings.com

Lil Bookworm

Jenn blogs to document the progress of her son, AJ, in his growing up years so that when he grows up, he will have these to reflect on and to keep as memories.

Website: mylilbookworm.blogspot.sg

Made Beautifully

Netty is a stay-at-home mom to a beautiful boy and her humble blog is created to share with, help and inspire fellow women about anything related to parenting, beauty tips and make-up techniques (mommies who love beauty stuff, this is for you!), pregnancy and baby food recipes. She also blogs about her boy’s milestones and growth, as well as her exciting journey as the Fisher-Price Play Ambassador.

Website: www.made-beautifully.blogspot.sg/

Miracule – Every Thing Happens for a Reason

Cen-Lin Ting is a stay-at-home mother to her two lovely boys. She was previously a career sales woman in the IT industry. Decked out in power suits, her job was to negotiate deals and meet corporate clients, quotas and deadlines. She has now given all that up to be clad in her tees and shorts and chase after her two mischievous active boys instead. Her blog shares about her experiences in motherhood and being a stay-at-home mom.

Website: www.miracule.blogspot.com/


Misskafkaesque is just your typical Singaporean girl who enjoys traveling, eating, looking for lobangs, complaining, and, of course, living life to the fullest. She blogs about practically anything under the sun, but particularly the important milestones in life: getting married, moving into a new home, and being a mum.

Website: misskafkaesque.wordpress.com/

Mommy Cafe

Mommy Café is a motherhood and lifestyle blog by Ruth Wong. It’s a place where she shares about life as a mom as well as the food and places she loves discovering. Ruth is a published author and work-at-home mother of one boy.

Website: www.themommycafe.net/


Edlyn is a work-at-home mom to two boys and a girl, and never imagined how much she would love staying at home with them. She tries to blog about parenting and random thoughts at MummyEd during those short intervals of time when her brain is actually working, which after having three children, can sometimes be few and far between.

Website: http://mummyed.wordpress.com


Nira is a Thai-Chinese designer living in Singapore and mother of one cheerful baby girl, Terena. She is known as a celebrity lifestyle blogger in the blogosphere, where she shares her experience of motherhood, beauty advice, and a little of everything she loves.

Website: www.nirachan.net


As a mother of two boys, she writes mostly about her kids’ growing-up journey, her challenges of being a working mum and fun family experiences.

Website: http://www.olimomok.com/

Our Parenting World

Daddy is a medical specialist while Mummy is an educator to two children. Our Parenting World is a place where you can follow their parenting journey as they post pictures of their family adventures, offer ideas for fun activities and share their stories of being parents in Singapore.

Website: http://ourparentingworld.com

The Perfect Father

Steven is a Singaporean husband to a wonderful wife and father to four beautiful kids, Steffi, Leroy, Stacci and Louie. No one is perfect, much less a father, but he aspires to be as good as he can be.  Find photos and stories of their adventures on The “Perfect” Father!

Website: http://theperfectfathersg.blogspot.sg

Princess Dana Diaries

David and Angie started ’Princess Dana Diaries’ for their daughter, Dana – their answered prayer after struggling with infertility and multiple child losses for 9 years. They write about the beautiful and trying moments of everyday life – friendship, faith, family, food, travels, books, the ups and downs of parenthood and all other things that shape them, delight them, and help them grow as a family.  They hope their blog can spur other families to devote time and energy to pursue the worthy family motto of ‘making memories that matter’.

Website: www.ourprincessdana.com

Patrick Pang

As a father of 3, Patrick started blogging to share about the things he sees and experiences with his children. As the children grow and enter into the different phases of their life, Patrick hopes to share his thoughts and experiences as a dad and how he copes with the challenges in raising his children.

Website: www.patrickpang.com

Princess and the Rock

Felicia is a stay-at-home mother of two who aspires to be their greatest teacher – occasionally dreaming to be a fashionista while indulging in some jewellery designing and crafting. Her two children, the Princess and the Rock are her main inspirations for this blog. The blog documents some of her thoughts and learning on being a parent to her two kids and her homeschooling journey with them.

Website: www.PrincessAndTheRock.com

Sakura Haruka

Ai Sakura is a full-time working mother with a beautiful daughter. She hopes to inspire and show how passions like travel, food, fashion and photography can thrive in a family setting. Ai Sakura shares insights and ideas about parenting and living in Singapore.

Website: www.sakuraharuka.com

Sengkang Babies

The blog was started to capture their kids’ childhood, and to dispel the myth that Singapore is boring.

SengkangBabies call themselves ambassadors of FUN and they hope to share their adventures with more parents. No one says parenting is easy, but they hope to showcase the fun side of parenting.

Website: www.sengkangbabies.com

The Kam Family

The Kam Family is a family of four - a pair of full time working parents and two wonderful kids. The blog documents the daily life of the family, the growing-up of the little ones, parenting experiences and useful tips. The Kams’ philosophy of parenting is to raise happy and healthy kids: let them play and have fun, appreciate a healthy diet and grow up well.

Website: www.thekamfamily.com

The Musing of Mother Kao

The Musings of Motherkao is Motherkao’s little space to capture life’s crazy moments with her three kids and the exasperating yet rewarding journey called motherhood. The blog also celebrates her children, because they have changed her and shaped her more than she could ever imagine.

Website: http://motherkao.com/

Toddly Mummy

Toddly Mummy is a born-again drama-mama and creative extraordinaire. She has never considered herself to have much talent in drama or creativity; however, motherhood makes one discover talents one never expects one to have. A full-time-working mum, she spends her evenings learning and reading with her kids. On her blog, Toddly Mummy shares her thoughts on parenting, fun moments of home learning sessions and outdoor adventures, as well as her family’s favourite foods.

Website: http://toddlymummy.blogspot.sg

Wacky Duo

TheWackyDuo.com is a family lifestyle journal. The Wacky Duo aims to provide readers a peek into family life in Singapore through personal experiences and quality reviews. You will read about family activities, travel experiences, product reviews, parenting tips, lifestyle recommendations and much more.

Website: www.thewackyduo.com

White as Milk

Guillaume is a father of two and blogs with other parent bloggers on www.whiteasmilk.com/blog. He believes that you don’t have to stop living life when you have a child. That is why, on top of parenting life, you will find reviews of restaurants, books and technology, as well as thoughts about anything under the sun.

Website: www.whiteasmilk.com/blog