Mother's Day 2016


To celebrate Mother's Day, we asked people to tag a fellow mom and wish her "Happy Mother's Day!" More than 200 moms, dads, and children expressed a gratitude for mothers -- either their own or their friends. There can be no judgment to gratitude, yet we have to say some really rang our mind, and I believe it does for you as well.


"My wife have decided to become a stay at home mum to look after the family and also to spend more time with our boy. It was never an easy job to look after a preschooler for 24hours a day. A stay at home mum does not have annual leaves or sick leaves. She dedicated herself to the family and she also prepare the three meals all by herself every single day. I really appreciate what she have done to the family. I am grateful for an awesome wife and she's the best mum to our boy. I hope to have a chance to surprise her with the gifts to encourage her~ Happy Mother's Day!"


- Jason Chew, 2016


The winner took home a GAIA Hamper worth $168.20, filled with nourishing skincare products!



Happy Mother's Day!