Rise & Shine was borne out of a common desire to give our newborns and tykes a cracking start. Our founding vision was to help and educate parents to nurture healthier, happier and brighter children.

To that end, we pored through staggering amounts of children’s health and development literature. We talked about flying in expert minds to shed light on an array of pertinent children-related issues; we discussed bringing in the most talked-about natural and organic kids’ products that couldn’t be easily found on our local shores.

In September 2013, we successfully put together the largest and the first ever expo advocating the raising of healthy, happier and brighter children.

This ideal continues to drive all that we do today.



Rise & Shine has risen from a new brand in 2013 to becoming the largest movement in Singapore advocating the raising of healthier, happier and brighter children. Today, we have a community of more than 200,000 parents on our online network and we impact more than 400,000 people yearly through our various touch points.

In 2014, we created SuperMom, and in December 2015 we created SuperKids, as part of our mission to support, help and educate parents of children at different stages in life, from expectant mothers all the way to parents with primary schoolers.

As part of what we do, we organise parenting workshops, carnivals and the largest play and educational festival in Asia. We also organise a lot of children events through the year for families to bond, learn and have fun.



We strive to be the voices for our children, parents and partners. Because of our mission and drive, we attract the unwavering support of parents, government partners, international field experts and local media. We gratefully and humbly recognise that our growth is impossible without the support of our community and thus value close collaboration with our parents and partners.

Being Singapore’s largest parenting movement is only the beginning of an exciting journey. Together, we will continue to expand and advance our mission of raising brighter, happier and healthier children.