Seminar: Successful Transition: From Baby To Toddler

A sell-out parenting seminar series by Rise & Shine.

Last year, tickets were sold out in less than a week and it’s back by popular demand!

The brain grows rapidly as babies become toddlers. Language, social and thinking skills will start to develop very quickly and it is important that parents learn how to encourage and nurture their child’s abilities correctly during this “golden period”.

Join us in this seminar filled with must-have information to help parents understand the important developmental and learning milestones as well as tips to overcome common challenges as babies become toddlers. Let experts in parenting, paediatrics and education share their secrets to nurturing your gem!

Date:17 March 2019 (Sunday)
Time: 1pm – 5.00pm (Registration Starts At 12pm)
Venue: Suntec Convention Centre Level 3, Rm 334 - 336
Ticket Price: Single ticket $15 / Couple ticket $20

  • Gain better understanding of your baby’s behavourial changes and learn how you can tackle the infamous “Terrible Twos” challenges.

  • Learn how you can empower your child to achieve their full learning potential with tips from early childhood educator expert.

  • Your parenting style can affect your child's health, self-esteem, and overall well-being. Understand healthier parenting methods and how you can nurture a happier child.


  • How can you encourage your child to be a reader? Learn how you can encourage and develop good reading habits in your child.

  • Does your child develop allergy on the skin more easily than others? Find out common skin problems affecting babies and children today.

  • Get tips on how you can maximise your child’s brains development with the right nutrition.


  • Get insights on how you can organise your financial and investment planning for your child’s future.