Travelling in Korea with a baby


Is travelling in Seoul with a baby tough?

Having done our research, we believe it’s not going to be. Here are some tips!


Getting Around


With an 8 month old myself, I understand the pains of travelling with another human’s constant demand to be carried, or the untimely need for a nap – it’d mean that a stroller would be a necessity; for the sake of me and hubba’s arm muscles. (the bubba’s almost 10kg now!)

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Coupled with the fact that the subway stations seem to rarely have elevators or escalators, we were quite worried that lugging around a stroller would be cumbersome. Well, the trick is to bring a light-weight stroller! We can have the flexibility of laying him down for a nap or when we are on longer walks, and still have literal weight off our shoulders. Alternatively, you can get your hands free with a baby carrier, but that will also mean the weight will literally be back on your shoulders - your call ultimately



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Getting food (for the bubba)


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I’m still breastfeeding (luckily, despite the stress from work) and while I’m thankful, I was afraid it’d be too much of a fuss to pump or let the bubba latch on while we are out and about. To my pleasant surprise, nursing rooms are aplenty! They are found in almost every subway station and considering Seoul’s public transport system, that’s literally everywhere. Mothers are so well taken care of and I really do mean that - some of the subway nursing rooms come complete with nursing pillows and even a microwave!


Getting entertained


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Getting sleep

We are the most excited about discovering this gem - Savoy Hotel! Not only is their location right smack in the middle of Myeongdong, the heart of Seoul, they are also competitively priced and most importantly, exceptionally accepting of babies! Guests have shared that cots were prepared upon their check-in to the room, some even had soft toys ready for their children/babies! It’s always these thoughtful services that set truly set accommodation options apart, in this case, Savoy Hotel seems to be second to none. With all these critical factors covered, we’re beyond assured that our first trip to Korea with bubba is going to be a fuss-free, smooth sailing, and memorable one. We can’t wait to set foot there and experience Korea as a family!


Till then


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