Top 3 Indoor Activities your baby will enjoy in Korea


Top 3 Indoor Activities your baby will enjoy in Korea

We all know why Korea is fun for us adults shopping for beauty products, eating bibimbap and kimchi, and sightseeing and taking in nature’s beauty. For us to fully enjoy our vacation, we want our little one with us. What’s in it for them, though? Our one year old surely can’t appreciate the same food, nor understand nature (or at least not to its full extent.. yet, I hope), and most definitely can’t shop, thank goodness. Yet, we are the happiest to see them enjoying themselves. So here’re 3 indoor activities you can consider weaving into your winter holiday itinerary this December.


1. Pororo Park

Image credit: Pororo Park


A large amusement park wouldn’t be suitable for our boy as he’d be too small for most of the rides, so a place like Pororo Park would be great. Located on the same level as the Ice Rink are various interactive activities that he will surely enjoy - an indoor train ride, a little theatre, a trampoline, various tiny houses he can explore, and more! I can already imagine his eyes opening wide with wonder and curiosity. I’m especially excited to see his reaction when he is surrounded by the familiar character that he usually watches on TV.

At Jamsil Pororo Park, tickets go at KRW 10,000 for adults and KRW 20,000 for kids for admission of two hours, then additional KRW 500 and KRW 1,000 for every subsequent 10 minutes respectively. You can search online for discounted tickets prior to your visit if you find this a tad too pricey. Do note that the park can get pretty crowded over the weekend, if you have the luxury of time, try to plan your visit within the off-peak hours.


Opening Hours:

10am - 8pm (Mon-Fri, Sun)

10am - 9pm (Sat)

Last entry is 2 hours before the closing time


2. Coex Aquarium


Image credit: Taste of Coex


This will be a treat for our entire family, especially the little one. It’ll be a great opportunity for him to be introduced to the various types of sea creatures and to know that there’s a big world out there waiting for him to explore - Coex Aquarium already plays host to 40,000 marine creatures and 650 different species! He can marvel at exhibits like the Undersea Tunnel where he will be surrounded by sharks and huge stingrays as we follow the path of a moving walkway through the heart of the vast aquarium. Another popular exhibit is the Deep Blue Sea zone which features giant crabs and gorgeous jellyfish. We may even let him interact with a few sea creatures - there’s a section where they allow guests to touch certain sea creatures! I hope we manage to catch the diving show, looks like so much fun!


Opening Hours:

10:00-20:00 / Saturdays 10:00-21:00

Last admission one hour before closing time.


Seoul’s Children Museum


Image credit: Seoul’s Children Museum


When I chanced upon this place, I was completely in awe. It is 4 storeys of educational fun for kids of all ages ranging from infants, to toddlers and preschoolers! They have exhibits that each hold their own lesson and educational purpose. To name a few, Nature Play triggers children’s curiosity for nature, Space Play allows them to explore lights and shadows, and Sensitivity Development Play is an exhibit for them to build empathy for others. For younger children like our boy, there’s even a Toddler Playground that’s decked like a large garden for them to play in, as seen in the image above. Someone should expand this to cater for adults too! I, for one, would appreciate a facility like this, interesting isn’t it?

It is free for children under 36 months and only KRW 4,000 for each adult.

Opening Hours:

10:00 AM - 6:00 PM (Last entry: 5:00 PM)

Closed every Monday, New Year’s Day, Lunar New Year / Chuseok Holidays


With this, you have the best of both worlds; the cold weather that we lack in Singapore and thus seek for, and backup indoor activities lest it gets too cold for you, and more importantly, the baby. Either way, you get a taste of what Korea has in store for you and your loved ones so you can travel with these in your back pocket and peace of mind!


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