The First Bruise From School


It has been 3 weeks since my son first started preschool and today he sported his first bruise from an "accident" in school.

I was told that the bruise came from an accidental collision between another active little student and my son. When I enquired about the other boy, the teachers gave me vague answers that were worrying.

I wanted to know if the other boy had also been hurt from the collision. One teacher said the boy was fine. Another teacher told me the boy also sported a bruise and between the two, he was the one who cried louder. The funniest thing? The first teacher told me it was his classmate that collided into him while the second teacher said that it was a boy from another class.

Considering the discrepancies between their stories, I am starting to suspect that the teachers were being dishonest with me and that my son might have gotten hurt due to their negligence. Of course, I will never be able to find out how that bruise really came about.

I have since decided to let the matter rest even though it still worries me that the teachers were dishonest in recounting the incident. Luckily, my son only got a bruise and nothing more serious. I do hope that there will not be such "accidents" in the future.

This incident has gotten me thinking: why don’t all preschools install an IP camera to record what goes on in school? With so many young children, it would be beneficial for both the parents and the school. Wouldn’t an IP cam that was recording the whole incident save everyone the trouble of guessing what really happened?

I guess till installing IP cams in preschools becomes a mandated rule in Singapore, we, parents will just have to keep guessing where the bruises that appear on our little kids come from. Accidental collisions, or something more?


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