Stress-free Parenting - How to become a Calmer Mom!



Being a mother can be extremely challenging at times. Even the most staid and conscientious mother can have a hard time in keeping her cool when a toddler throws a tantrum at a supermarket or a teenaged kid refuses to acknowledge her admonitions repeatedly. With so many hands reaching out for a pound of her flesh, a mother needs to work consciously towards becoming a calmer parent. Here are some tips to begin with;


- A Calmer Individual makes a Calmer Mom – You are an individual first and then a mother. When you acknowledge your needs as a person and cater for them, you have taken the first step towards being a calmer person and parent.


- Give yourself some well-deserved ‘ME’ time- It may be just an hour every day or half-a-day on a weekend, but extracting that little ‘me’ time is a vital step towards a calmer you. Delegate the responsibility of the house and kids to your spouse or other family members or take some help. Do whatever you love to do, hang out with your girlfriends, watch a movie, go to the spa, visit a library, go shopping or just hit the gym. De-stress, refresh and recharge yourself.  Your kids will appreciate the mom who got back home!


- Meditate- Practice breathing exercises and meditate for a few minutes every morning. It can have the most amazing effect in calming your senses and rejuvenating you before the demands of the day consume you.


- Take Care of Your Health- Irregular and unhealthy meals and erratic sleep schedules can cause havoc in our brains and spike our blood pressure and glucose levels. To stay calm, eat healthy and stay fit.


- Keep Realistic Expectations- With all the hype about Tiger Moms, Soccer Moms, Alpha Moms and Helicopter parents; the pressure on mothers is simply mind-boggling. All mothers want to showcase perfect children who are well-behaved at the dinner table, aggressive in the field and excellent in academics. Failure to meet these unrealistic goals and expectations leads to disappointment and angst. To stay calm, keep your expectations from yourself and your kids real!


- Exercise Time Management –One quality that every mother possesses is multi-task juggling. But this juggling act can sometimes lead to stress and frustration. To stay calm, be in control – plan things beforehand, make small notes to aid your overworked memory, keep kids’ uniform and bags ready at night. Avoid last minute rush to ensure sanity of mind.


- Learn Anger Management- Often, mental fatigue can cause the mother to feel a loss of control. She may then feel angry at herself and the kids. Learning to manage anger in difficult situations by calmly removing yourself or the child from the scene can help in diffusing both the temper and the situation.


- Work from Home- In case you are a stay at home mom, it can be terribly exacting looking after the kids from morning to night without getting frazzled by it. Pursuing a vocation suited to your aptitude and skill-set will satiate you as an individual. The personal satisfaction will reflect in your outlook as a mother.


- Share your experiences- Becoming a mother can be a life-changing experience. Besides the rush of maternal instincts, mothers find their priorities and work-life balance changed. Many such moms find solace in writing about their individual experiences and connecting with other moms. Writing or blogging about your experiences or joining forums is an excellent way to share notes and benefit from each other’s experiences.


- Enjoy being a Mom- Finally, enjoy being a mom and let kids be kids! Take every day and every challenge as it comes. The child grows to be a better individual if he is reassured of your presence but not unduly pampered and a mom feels calmer if she has lesser things to worry about. Older kids can be taught self-reliance and allowed to make small decisions so that tiresome battles are avoided. Spend as much fun time with the child as possible as it can be the best de-stressing therapy for the mother.



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