Stares From A Fellow Breastfeeder


With all the support breastfeeding mothers are getting these days, I am rather disappointed that I often get disapproving stares from the public when I’m latching my toddler. Especially so when some of these disapproving pairs of eyes belong to mothers with young children themselves.


Why is it that a fellow mother, instead of showing support, would shoot me disapproving glances and stand on the side of the people who don’t understand why I’m exposing a partial area of my breasts in public? I would have thought that, of all people, a fellow mother would be able to understand that I was simply providing the food my child needs.


Perhaps you might ask, why can’t I cover up with a nursing cover?


Notwithstanding the discomfort of the blistering hot weather in Singapore, I am unable to stop my curious 2 year old from pulling off (or lifting up) the cover. I only have two hands and both of them have been tasked to support my toddler's 14kg body so he can comfortably latch on and hopefully fall asleep.


People understand when a mother has to breastfeed her sleeping infant in public. And yet, breastfeeding my toddler is a disturbing scene to most people. In my opinion, the only difference is that one mother has an infant suckling on her breast with closed eyes while I have mine suckling with eyes open and hands curiously trying to poke my face. But really, both mothers are doing the same thing, feeding our babies.


At the end of the day, I would have simply hoped for a nod of understanding from a fellow breastfeeding mother while I latched my toddler. If a nod of approval and support is not what you have to give, the least you could do is not throw me a dirty stare.


We all have the common desire to provide comfort and nutrition to our babies, so let us give each other understanding and support, rather than judgment.



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