Parenting Trends 2016


When you were growing up, do you remember telling yourself that you will never be like your parents when you had children of your own? So when you became a parent yourself, you took measures to make sure you addressed areas in which your parents were lacking. Generation after generation, we all parent in a way we believe to be “better” than that of the generation before us.


It’s 2016, and those belonging to the Millennial Generation are now becoming moms & dads themselves. What will the more relaxed and easy going millennials do differently than the Generation X-ers?


At the beginning of 2016, Care.com released what they predicted to be the new parenting trends we will see this year. "We are beginning to see parents—especially millennial parents—make fundamental shifts in their approach to raising children," said Katie Bugbee, global parenting expert at Care.com. "With more dual-income households, greater access to technology, and shifts in parental roles, family dynamics are changing and giving rise to some exciting and positive parenting trends." Here are some of the parenting trends you can expect in 2016:

End of Helicopter Parenting, Start of Third-Child Style Parenting: The term “helicopter” parenting was coined to describe parents who constantly “hovered” over their children, paying extremely close attention to all their experiences and problems, to the point of micromanaging every part of their children’s lives. This year onwards, helicopter parenting will give way to a more relaxed style of parenting that we usually naturally use anyway once we get to our third child - hence the name: Third-Child Style parenting. This style of parenting is a lot more relaxed and encourages independence in the children, without closely confining them to strict mealtime and sleep schedules. As a result, kids get a lot more space to breathe.


Enlightened Parenting: While parents will be a lot more relaxed, they will also be a lot more well-informed, teaching their children a modern and rational approach when it comes to topics such as gender stereotyping, special needs and diversity. Children will be encouraged to have much more understanding and acceptance of others around them, no matter their gender, background, physical or mental abilities, or any other differences, internal or external.  

Highly-Qualified Caregivers: With this awareness and enlightenment, comes more discernment. Parents are no longer satisfied with Jenny down the street to help babysit or Mrs. Tan next door to watch the kids while they work. The more qualified the nanny, the better. Nannies who are equipped with certification in CPR, child psychology, early childhood development or even a medical license definitely have a higher chance to be hired, because millennials are willing to pay the price to get the best for their kids.


Hybrid Names: Can’t pick between two names? Does hubby want to name your daughter after his mother Clara, while you want to name her after your own mom, Margaret? You’re in luck because hybrid names that combine two first-names are in. Margaret + Clara = Margara or Claret. Name your child that, and get away with it in 2016.


No more magical childhood: In 2014, The Huffington Post published an article that went viral and to this date, two years after it was published, still often makes its way to many parents’ Facebook news feed. The article is titled “I’m Done Making My Kid’s Childhood Magical” and in 2016, parents are going to put this sentiment into practice. Pinterest-perfect birthday parties will be a thing of the past, and so will be homemade after-school activities or games, themed holidays and perfectly planned vacations. Simplification will be the keyword, and the song to accompany it will be Elsa’s “Let It Go”, as parents simply let go of the idea that they can do it all.


Multiple caregivers: Going forward, more and more employers are adopting unconventional work schedules. Parents who have to adhere to these will require even more hands on deck to help them with family duties, so it’s possible that they will need to seek multiple caregivers or nannies to help manage the children.


The General Trend: The general trend seems to be about the idea of letting go of trying to be the perfect parent, and focussing more on what really matters most to the family. Which of these trends do you think you will adopt for your family?


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