Packing For A Cruise



Have you ever gone on a cruise? If you have, you will know that packing for a trip on a boat isn’t quite the same as packing for a trip to another land. For you first-timers, we share with you the top 8 items you should have in your bag that will make your trip smoother and easier!

Landyard With A Plastic Holder
– This is great for your room keycard. Just hang it around your neck and you will never misplace it or have to worry about losing it.

Magnetic Door Sign – Most of the cruise ships have all of their room doors look alike. This will help you identify and remember yours.

Clock – I have no clue why, but many of the ships do not have a clock in the room.

Motion Sickness Bands – Better to be prepared, right?

Shampoo And Conditioner – Believe it or not, many do not provide these.

Nightlight – The rooms get REALLY dark at night. Put one in the bathroom.

Old Hotel Room Key Card – Many of the cruises make you put your room key in a slot by the door to turn on the lights and the air conditioning.  Any hotel room key of the standard size can fit into these slots – if you bring an extra you can keep a key in the slot when you leave the room, and then the room will still be cool when you come back from the hot sun!

Sticky Notes – Great for leaving notes on the door or on the mirror to tell your family where you are (unless you prefer for them not to know!).

An Inflatable Bathtub, if you need one – Many of the ships don’t have bathtubs.

Pack A Swimsuit in your carry on - You may not get your bags until after dinner. 

So these are our tips on packing for a cruise! We hope to have made life easier for you! And who knows, maybe we’ll bump into each other on our next Caribbean Voyage? 


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