Little Bakers: One Day Baking Fun Pass (2016 June Holiday Promotion)




Does your child love bread? Is your child craving for fun? Most of all, aren’t you dying to know what kind of madly lovely creatures your kid can make out of this flour ball?



Well, you just found a right place at a right time. For you and your kid, Genius R Us is launching One Day Baking Fun Pass where your kid can indulge in the wonders of baking. It is a full-day workshop from 10:30AM to 6:30PM, inclusive of lunch and a tea snack. Your kid will be rolling out creativity with wonderful teachers and other fellows – meanwhile, you get your day-off from your child to enjoy your own wonders of life (or you can peep into the see-through window to see your child).



The benefits are not yet finished. Safety/Hygiene education is as much important as fun, especially for kids. Kitchen is often the gravitational spot in your house for kids as it is where their food and snacks are being churned out. Yet, kitchen can be as dangerous as it is attractive. Really, has it ever occurred to you that a kitchen sink around the drain is dirtier than a public toilet? To the worries of anxious parents, this workshop also teach children to understand kitchen safety and hygiene so that they can grow up healthier and brighten our life more.



If you are interested, or want to know more about it, shoot us an email at info@riseandshine-expo.com.



Basic Information for One Day Baking Fun Pass


Suitable Age: 12 and below


Workshop Price:  $130  (24% discount) → $99


Workshop Duration: 10AM – 6PM


Available Date: June 1 – June 25, 2016


Available Venue: City Square Mall Studio / Westgate Kids Club Studio


Register/Inquiry: info@riseandshine-expo.com




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