Keeping Your Marriage Alive



My husband & I have known each other for 11 years, and married for 6 years. Responsibilities like kids and our careers compete for our attention constantly. With him in the F&B business, i don't get to see him as often as i like anymore. So how do we keep our marriage alive?


Here are some simple and personal tips of mine:


1) Communications

Often, we have to communicate via Whats App, as he works until very late. He don't get to spend time with our kids as much as he likes. I will update him about our daily lives, what happened at home. During rare days, he will be back early. We will have some bedtime chat before sleep. Sometimes, just a hug will help us feel connected.


2) Understanding

As he's in F&B line, his working hours are irregular. Weekends and holidays are now often spend without him. Even during family days, i have to expect the unexpected. He will suddenly have to rush off for urgent meetings or something crops up. As his wife, i have to split our time with his work, our kids and his friends. Its better to realise soon that you have no time for quarrels.


3) Impromtu date

Some days, we will sneak out for a movie date when the kids asleep. Dinner dates are rare, but i appreciate his efforts in planning it.


4) Be truthful

Don't be afraid of sharing your dirty little secrets. Keep the intimacy there as often as you can. It can just be a kiss, a hug or sharing your fantasies. Sex may be not as often as we want before we had kids, but we can still keep it simple and fast.


From a partner to a parent, we need to balance it. Parenthood indeed does bring some challenges and demands to our marriage. No marriage will ever be totally free of differences. Don't just focus on problems we face, focus more on the good in your marriage and our spouse.


Remember how your got together in the first place.

Remember how your spouse makes you feel.

Do our best to remember that.


It's just appreciation, pure and simple. Nothing feels better than that in a marriage.


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