How To Help A Child Speak English With Confidence?




English has real benefits, but it poses its own set of challenges as well especially when Singaporean children are often encouraged to be good at two languages or more. What can we do to help our children speak English with confidence in a world that is getting smaller and flatter?


Tip 1: Don’t make English an obligation or assignment which children do for other fun incentives. Make English fun and engaging. According to the British Council, this is especially crucial if your child is having problem with speaking the language in front of you or other people. How? Understand what your child loves, listen to what they are telling you, and incorporate such desires in learning English.


Tip 2: Instead of giving them assignments, show them what English is through games, movies, and storytelling. One common mistake parents make is to take English as a subject field your children has to master rather than a culture your child will be growing into. Such approach often leads to a child who cannot speak the language despite the sufficient knowledge of English. They may be strong in exams, but poor in communication. 


Tip 3: Teach early. Kids can develop their connection to a new language better when they are less pressured by other academic obligations.


So how do you know if your child needs help in English? Is your child’s English language good enough for his or her age?

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 <Image Source: British Council>



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