How to Create a Voracious Reader for Life?



Follow these tips to nurture your child’s aptitude for reading in his/ her early years and create a voracious reader for life!


- ‘Read by Example’- Children love to imitate elders in the house so if you are a bookworm, odds are that your child will also be one. Children who watch their parents carry the newspaper to the toilet want their ‘potty books’ too!


- Make an Early Start – Introduce books and the joy of reading to your child right from infancy. The simple act of touching a book now or listening to you read will foster a love for books in the child later on in life.


- Give Easy Access to Books- Easy accessibility of books in the house (think of ingenuous ways to make books more conspicuous and accessible than the TV remote or the iPad), a special reading corner for you and your child and frequent visits to the library and bookstores will effortlessly promote your child’s interest in books.


- Choose age –appropriate books for the child- A child will be keen to explore books that appeal to his senses. For infants, soft books that enable the baby to touch, feel and even chew are good! Books that have vibrant colours and sound-effects such as those with musical nursery rhymes are a good choice. A toddler can be introduced to the world of flash cards and charts along with books that use repetitive phrases. A pre-schooler can be read books that are interesting, stress on simple phonics and contain morals that the child can relate to.


- Integrate Reading with Daily Activities – Reading can be integrated with daily activities such as meals and play time. Reading at bedtime is the best way to integrate books into the child’s daily routine, create special bonding time with the parent and also calm the child down for a restful sleep.


- Integrate Reading with TV Shows– A ‘TV vs. Books’ battle will be unproductive and we all know who will win that one. So why not integrate books and TV? Your child will not need much persuasion to read books that are based on his or her favourite cartoon character. Just ensure that the language used in such books is appropriate for your child.


- Never Force a Child to Read – Finally and most importantly, do not project reading as a chore or a punishment. Do not force a child to read as coercion will only make him avoid reading at any cost.



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