H&M x Nathalie Lété Kids Wear




[SINGAPORE] Fashion Giant H&M teamed up with Paris-based world-renowned artist, Nathalie Lété to launch a fantasy land inspired print collaboration in H&M Kidswear worldwide in March 2019.


Parents grabbed the collection’s latest designs and raved about the simple yet elegant depiction of nature. The Nathalie Lété collaboration was one of the most fun and vibrant capsule fashion collection for kids with tropical prints and animal representations.




Singapore Mummy Fashionista Joanne Kuk (@joannekukk) was quick to share pictures of 4-year Alaynna decked in the Nathalie Lété Collection and we must say that Alaynna is truly rocking out spring with those lovely floral skirts and dresses!




Lété’s fresh and colourful collection is welcomed by everyone - @iam.levialex, @cameron_weekes and Rocco of love_b_n_mama pulled off these happy prints effortlessly, adding positive vibes to their already boyish charms!





“In my work, I create a fantasy land for myself. A land that I want to share with other people to make them dream.”








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