His First Day At School



The horrors of my child falling sick every other week petrified me enough to delay sending him to preschool. I was a stay-at-home mother and planned to home-school my son till the age of 5. However, my parents did not share the same thoughts. They were worried that he would be missing out on the socialising and learning.


When my son turned 2, I was offered a job and decided to take it up since the income could help. With the economy damping, it would be a wise choice to have some savings, wouldn’t it? With that, I decided to arrange for my grandmother to watch my children while I re-joined the workforce.


After 2 weeks or so, it became clear that my older son was getting restless and bored and was having trouble sleeping at night. This was because he no longer had me to expend his mental and physical energy throughout the day. He started to show signs of behavioral problems such as hitting, biting and sudden onsets of tantrums.



My mother noticed the change in him too, when we visited during the weekends. She suggested that we enroll him in a school. I was reluctant but my husband tried convincing me that we should give it a shot. I put off looking for a school as I was still on the fence and was surprised when my mother called me at work one day, telling me she had brought him to a preschool near her place and wanted to enroll him there after hearing great reviews from parents from his gym class.


I hesitated. 



She sent me photos of him smiling and playing with the other kids to urge me for a ‘yes’. That worked. I gave in, emailed the school and paid the fees. My son was officially enrolled in school.


On his first day of school, I was worried. My head was filled with thoughts of all the dangers he could face out there with people I didn’t know and where I wouldn’t be able to see him. I called my mother 10 times in 3 hours to check up on him and requested for pictures every 5 minutes. Every picture I received showed a smiling boy engaging in fun activities with his peers, proving my anxiety unwarranted.


People say the first day of school is always tough for the children, but in my case, it seemed that I was the only one feeling anxious. 



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