Mother's Day Celebration



Celebrate Mother’s Day with us at Waterway Point this May!

Join us at Waterway Point, Village Square as we celebrate Mother's day!
It's going to be a family week filled with activities for Babies & Toddlers!

Be a part of SIngapore Book Of Record and join us in building Singapore’s very first Largest Mosaic of Flower Post It Notes by writing a dedicated note to your mother! In addition to our mummy child lookalike competition, we are going to bring out the very first 3Gen Mummy Child Lookalike category!

Tag yourself with @WaterwayPoint with #FlowersForHer and stand a chance to win prizes brought to you by our partners!

Date: 6 May 2019 (Monday) - 12 May 2019 (Sunday)
Venue: Waterway Point, Village Square
Time: 11am - 8pm
Ticket: $5 (You receive a Goodie Bag worth $50!)




  • To celebrate Mother’s Day and #FlowersForHer, we want to dedicate our appreciation to all our mothers and grandmothers! All you have to do is to pick up the notes from our registration counters, decorate it in any way you want it, and put it up in the Flower Bouquet right at the heart of the Village Square!

  • Join us & grab a freebie!

  • - Pick up the Flower Post it Note from the counter

    - Write in the writing area

    - Put it up on the Flower Bouquet!

    - Don’t forget to take your own photos!

    We are looking for 3,500 post it notes to make it happen! So let’s do this together as a mega community for our mummies!




  • Explore the largest cassia seeds playground. Let your kids play and scoop in the pit without having to worry about getting their clothes dirtied!

  • Have a relaxing treat at the Beauty Bar! Pamper yourself with discounts off manicure, pedicure and hairstyling services! Separate charges apply.

    Craft Activities for Children – Let your child's creativity run wild through handmade Mother’s Day gifts, keychains, cards and more!

  • Take groovy photos and commemorate family time together!

  • Do not worry about mess! Let your kids have fun and build wonderful structures at the Kinetic Sand playground.

  • Take a photo and write a thank you note to Mom. Participants will receive a reusable lunch box! *while stocks last

  • Let your kids create, design and colour their very own Mother’s Day card.

  • Get ready for some ooey and gooey good time with SLIME!

*Subjected to change*




  • Specially for our little ones and their little milestones! How much do our kids look like us! Find out in the most adorable lookalike contest! $5/ participation

  • 11 May 2019 (Sat), 12pm – 1pm

  • Dress your baby up! Which baby will win the judges and audience’s heart and vote! This competition is limit to kids between 1 – 3 years old only. $5/ participation

  • 11 May 2019 (Sat), 2pm – 3pm

    1st Prize: $230 worth of hamper

    2nd Prize: $180 worth of hamper

    3rd Prize: $130 worth of hamper

  • How Fast can your baby crawl?! Take part in our mass baby crawling competition to find out! $5/ participation

  • 11 May 2019 (Sat), 4pm – 7pm

    6 – 8 mths 4.00 – 5.00pm (15 mins session)

    9 – 11 mths 5.00 – 6.00pm (15 mins session)

    12 – 14 mths 6.00 – 7.00pm (15 mins session)

    1st Prize: 2X Full diaper packs per wave

    2nd & 3rd Prize: 1X Full diaper pack per wave


Does Grandma, Mummy and the kids look the same? Join the competition and stand a chance to win prizes for the whole family! (No age limit) $5/ participation

12 May 2019 (Sun), 12pm – 1pm

1st Prize: $180 worth of hamper

2nd & 3rd Prize: $80 worth of hamper


Are you the Marie Kondo of the family? You’ll find out soon enough with the Folding and Ironing Clothes Challenge! (Form a Dad + Child tag team. Child must be age 5 – 7 years old.) $5/ participation

12 May 2019 (Sun), 12pm – 1pm

1st Prize: $200 vouchers

2ndPrize: $100 vouchers

2X Consolation: $50 vouchers


What’s mummy’s favourite colour? Or her favourite food! What’s one thing she always say? Show much you really know your mum in this Quiz! $5/ participation

12 May 2019 (Sun), 5 – 6 pm

1st Prize: $100 worth of hamper

2nd Prize: $50 worth of hamper

Consolation Prize: $20 x 2 worth of hamper


Come in your Sunday best! Impress us in your stylish get-up and poses. Who will be the most stylish daddy & kiddo(s) duo? (Form a Dad + Child tag team. Child must be age 2 - 5 years old.) $5/ participation

12 May 2019 (Sun), 6pm – 7pm

1st Prize: $230 worth of hamper

2ndPrize: $180 worth of hamper

3rd Prize: $130 worth of hamper

*Subjected to change*





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