Fisher Price Code A Pillar


Fisher-Price has a new toy that will hit the shelves this year and we are expecting it to be a toy to watch out for!


The Think & Learn Code-a-Pillar is an adorable toy created to inspire and teach kids ages 3 to 8 to understand the basics of coding. A caterpillar on a mission, the Code-a-Pillar comes with eight segments that hook together, each one with a different function. The functions include: turn left, turn right, make a funny sound and so on.

Depending on what order you plug the modules together, the Code-a-Pillar is commanded to move in different patterns and crawls across your table, blinking and smiling. It turns and makes fun sounds to engage and captivate your inquisitive toddler. All the while, your toddler’s problem solving and sequencing skills is being developed!

A part of a larger trend to introduce coding skills to children. It’s an exciting toy that we can’t wait to try it out ourselves!  



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