Finding Mr Right



Having been married for 6 years, here's my two cents worth on finding, Mr Right.


We knew each other 10 years ago at work. It wasn't love at first sight. The journey to our marriage wasn't a typical fairytale story filled with magic and flying carpets. It was a story of love and understanding that led us to where we are now.


He was not a romantic guy who knows how to surprise me and sweet talk is definitely NOT his forte. He is a quiet guy to many but a joy to hang out with when he is with people he's comfortable with. He doesn't go to my family gatherings except during the unavoidable CNY period and he never remembers all the important dates like my birthday or our anniversary. How did we even make it through? He sounds so unpromising, doesnt he?


Well, he believes strongly in the mantra that “actions speaks louder than words”. He will ask me every now & then how he fares as a husband, and as a father. When given my feedback (usually brutally honest), he will try to change. He will also give me a kiss goodnight, everynight, without fail. That is how he shows his love.

Even though he's busy, he will find time for our boys no matter what. He always feels that he missed out a lot on our boys growing up.


Often, he will tell me that he has to work hard now, to give us a better life.


Though our marriage life is not totally perfect, he's the one who's there for my ups and downs. Accepting who i am and tolerating my unreasonable behaviour (only going to admit this once).


There's no such thing as the PERFECT Husband. A husband you chose will be the one accompanying you for the rest of your life. Stories that we read and reality is totally different. We have to accept who he is and what he was. Don't change each other ever because we change our perceptions in life.


To love and honour each other, that is what we want to teach our future generations.


Written By: Hui Juan

From: The Mother’s Panel


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