Dining Out with Toddlers



It can be a scary thing to dine out with kids. There is always a list of things to consider. The venue, the food, the people, the crowd, the hygeine and etc. You get the drift. So, how do we survive through a meal without the kids making a big hoo-ha and possibly even have an enjoyable meal?


Prepare things to keep them occupied!


- Let them choose one or two toys that they love and bring it along with you.

-Prep a set of small memo pad, crayons, pencils for them to draw or scribble.

-Bring along a book they like to read.


Picking the right place to dine!


- There's a list of children friendly places in Singapore. They offer kids menu, kids cutleries, things for them to do, best of all, space for them to play. Try to ask them to serve the kids meal 1st. We don't want them to be cranky while waiting.


Establish some ground rules!


- Set some age appropriate guidelines for them to follow.  e.g no jumping or running around the restaurants/cafes.




- Plan an early meal, so that they won't be overly tired or hungry


However, do not expect kids to behave like adults. They won't sit still throughout . Be prepared for the mess. Prepare a set of clean clothes in case .Don't be afraid to bring them out, they enjoy the bonding with us as much as we do. With more outings, it will eventually become a pleasant experience for everyone.


Written By: Hui Juan

From: The Mother’s Panel


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