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Bangkok with Kids



For busy parents whose job or business requires you to travel, one way to keep some family time intact is to piggy-back your family with you on work trips! Recently, Andrene and her kids joined Dad on his work trip to Bangkok. The mother of two – a four and a five-year-old – shared with us about the family vacation to the busy capital of Thailand.


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A Week Away At Langkawi Island



Looking for a short getaway to chill and relax together as a family? Langkawi Island in Malaysia might be an ideal option!


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5 Minutes With Kenneth On Melbourne



Think of Australia and what comes to mind are sandy beaches, wildlife, sheep, forestry, grass that stretch out for miles on end… Whatever it is, it is almost always a picture of a leisurely escape into nature.


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Packing For A Cruise



Have you ever gone on a cruise? If you have, you will know that packing for a trip on a boat isn’t quite the same as packing for a trip to another land


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Flying with a Baby - Know Before You Go



Planning on taking your little one on a plane? Check out these tips for flying with baby to make take-off, landing, and everything in between run smoothly.


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Before You Go: What to Bring When Traveling With Kids



Tending to your toddler’s needs is never easy, but it can be even harder when you’re traveling. Here’s what to do before you take your show on the road — or in the air — to have as little turbulence as possible.


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