When Breathing can Relieve Rhinitis



Sometimes we find it hard to breathe – for some of us, it can be due to the fast-pace life and the stress that comes with it, but for an increasing number of people, from children to elderly, it is suffering from allergic rhinitis. Allergic rhinitis is an allergic condition, due to the immune system overreacting to substances we inhale or to sudden changes in temperature. Such particles such as dust mites, pollen or mold are harmless to those who are not allergic to them, but for those who are, they can trigger blocked nose, running nose, sneezing or even breathing difficulties. While we can try to reduce contact with the particles that we are allergic to, it is impossible to not inhale them completely or to shield ourselves from temperature change. Allergic rhinitis is often mistaken as cold that will go away, the problem is, it doesn’t! Imagine a child who has constant running nose every day, he likely can’t concentrate in class, either due to poor sleep or medication hat causes drowsiness. An elderly with allergic rhinitis may have tomiss her morning workout session with her friends because she finds it hard to breathe if she exercises with her blocked nose. Allergic rhinitis can seriously affect one’s quality of life and needs the right treatment. 


Herbal-Basic TCM Clinic offers a treatment option for those with allergic rhinitis through its herbal inhalation therapy known as NoseSpa. Herbs have been studied, used and time tested to treat allergic rhinitis, and NoseSpa is a 100% natural, non-invasive and comfortable therapy, formulated safe for the children to elderly. Moreover, it offers a long term solution by building up the patient’s immune system, as opposed to current western medication which focuses on temporary relief of symptoms. Typically, after consultation with the TCM physician, the patient may be prescribed with different formulations of NoseSpa, depending on the patient’s condition, where he or she breathes from the steam inhaler device for about 20 minutes. The inhaler device contains formulated herbal essential water and distilled water, which are generated into a herbal mist of 43ºC, a temperature ideal for the nasal therapy. A clinical trial for NoseSpa therapy has been conducted in 2003 in China which achieved a 95.3% effective rate. Moreover, PUV SUD PSB in Singapore has tested it to be free from harmful toxins and heavy metals. Simply through breathing, the medicinal ingredients can circulate in the body via the nasal mucous membrane, and helped relieve the symptoms of allergic rhinitis and treat it overtime, through cleansing the nasal cavities, healing of the mucous membrane and strengthening the immune system. NoseSpa will not lead to drowsiness in the patients, and therefore, they can continue with their daily routine.


One of the patients is a young boy Ignatius, who has been receiving NoseSpatherapy once a week for 6 months. During these 6 months, there is marked improvement in his allergic rhinitis, and not only that, his immune system has improved as he has not needed a visit to the doctor nor taken any antibiotics orlong list of oral medication, unlike in the past. His mother, Mrs Wong, is very pleased, because Ignatius’ rhinitis has improved, and does not fall sick easily now. This means better sleep, and better concentration in school and a more active and happy boy.


Another mother Madam Lim, whose son Kevin, is heading for national service soon came to Herbal-Basic TCM Clinic worried about his constant running nose which started from the age of 4 years old. It is allergic rhinitis that has affected him from primary school to secondary school, and since reading on the Internet about NoseSpa therapy, the mother decided to accompany Kevin for the TCM consultation. For the past 4 months, Kevin has used NoseSpa and Madam Lim commended, ‘Previously, Kevin uses boxes of tissue a day, but since using NoseSpa, he has less of a running nose and his quality of sleep and life has greatly improved. Even in his recent overseas trip, his running nose did not worsen despite missing the therapy. I feel very assured that Kevin’s immune system has strengthened, allergic condition improved, and am no longer worried about him going for NS.’


A grandmother Madam Lim who has been bringing her four-year old granddaughter Kaixin to NoseSpa said that Kaixin used to take much western and Chinese oral medication, and had to be taken care at home due to the constant running nose, usually accompanied by cough and fever. However, since receiving NoseSpa therapy about a year ago, she hasn’t needed oral medication and started attending preschool. Madam Lim remarked, ‘I’m very happy that Kaixin’s allergic rhinitis has improved, is much healthier now with no running nose, even on hazy days’. 


Moreover, NoseSpa has an effect of sanitizing the air around it and therefore, has an added protective benefit during the flu season or hazy days. NoseSpa has brought relief to those with allergic rhinitis, and has helped many to breathe easier and live healthier!


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