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Just how heavy is too heavy?


The new year is just starting to take stride, but the school kids’ backpacks are already starting to resemble a rather bulky rucksack filled with rocks… and books. How much is too much? How heavy is too heavy? Here’s how we can ensure that our kids aren’t hurting themselves on the way to school…


Several news stories and articles have appeared speaking to the issue of backpack safety in school children. One article starts off by noting that backpacks can be purchased anywhere, but very few people ask about the construction of these packs. The article suggests that parents ask the following questions. “How wide are the shoulder straps? Does it disperse weight evenly? Does the bag have a waist belt to disperse weight to the hips?”


According to the the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS), there are more than 21,000 backpack- related injuries each year. The article notes that increased weight is a major issue. The result, as they suggest, is that, “This increase in weight can be correlated to an increase in children seeing chiropractors.”


The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress commented that, “backpacks weighing more than 15 pounds that are slung over a shoulder produce an imbalance in the rib cage.” He continued by saying, “This type of repetitive strain can also initiate arm and hand numbness, headaches or backaches.”


The American Chiropractic Association advised tips to “help prevent the needless pain that backpack misuse could cause the students in your household.”


These tips include:

- Make sure your child’s backpack weighs no more than 10 percent of his or her body weight.

- The backpack should never hang more than four inches below the waistline.

- A backpack with individualised compartments helps in positioning the contents most effectively.

- Make sure that pointy or bulky objects are packed away from the area that will rest on your child’s back.

- Urge your child to wear both shoulder straps.

- The shoulder straps should be adjustable so the backpack fits to your child’s body.

- If the backpack is still too heavy, talk to your child’s teacher.



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