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No one wants a cough, especially not one that doesn’t stop. Coughing is a reflex action to remove foreign matter or mucus from the lungs and upper airways, or a reaction to an airway irritant. The cough in itself is a symptom and often, oral cough medications are prescribed to relieve it. It is possible though that the cough doesn’t go away after taking many different oral cough medicines and particularly for young children, it is not recommended for them to take cough medication as they have not been studied in children and evidence indicated they don’t really help. For an adult, it is taxing on the body to be persistently coughing; it is even more so for the little children and heartbreaking to see their discomfort. So what can a parent do, particularly as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) discourages the use of cough medication for young children.


Herbal-Basic TCM Clinic offers a treatment option for children with cough known as the Bio-Light Cough Therapy. It consists of three unique steps, (i) the cough massage using the proprietary-formulated herbal essential ointment, (ii) the application of medicated cream on the chest and (iii) photo-dynamic therapy (“PDT”) where a Bio-Light device is put over the chest to optimize the penetration of the ointment and cream. The therapy is about 30 minutes and is prescribed on consecutive days, usually for 3 to 5 days.


The contrast of this TCM treatment to western medications are many, for one, there is no oral medication involved. Instead of working indirectly through cough medicine, the Bio-Light Cough Therapy is unique in that it works by directly channeling the medicinal ingredients of the herbal ointment and medicated cream to the lungs, bypassing the liver and intestines. This is achieved through the special techniques in the cough massage, the advanced herbal extraction technology to extract small molecular essential oils for fast body absorption and the stimulation of the blood and lymph during the PDT therapy. Without oral medication, there is no side effect of drowsiness or risk of over-dosage, especially for children.


The other advantage of the Bio-Light Cough Therapy lies in that both the herbal ointment and cream have been specially formulated and proven effective in removing heat from the lung, dissolving phlegm, improving circulation and relieving bronchospasm. Moreover, the advanced herbal extraction technology allows the herbal essential oils to be of sufficient small molecular size to be absorbed by the body. The PDT also decreases inflammation, diminishes infection, enhances the immune system and helps ensure that the medicinal ingredients of the ointment are effectively penetrated to take effect quickly. PDT has also been proven to kill microbial cells, including bacteria, fungi and viruses, thereby treating more than just the cough but aids to strengthen the body. Where typical cough medicines don’t work, antibiotics are sometimes prescribed but for the Bio-Light Cough Therapy, it typically works within 3 to 5 days and without the need for any oral medication.Mrs Foo, whose 3-year old son Jie Yang visited Herbal-Basic about a year ago, is very pleased with the improvement in her son’s health condition. Since 6-month old, Jie Yang had been regularly suffering from coughs due to allergic rhinitis, and he even had bronchitis once. He had taken course after course of cough medications and antibiotics, but his coughs recurred frequently and took few weeks to recover. Last November, Jie Yang had a major cough again and Mrs Foo brought him to try the Bio-Light Cough Therapy; in contrast to western medications, Jie Yang’s cough subsided quickly in 3 days of the cough therapy, without any oral medication. Mrs Foo commended, ‘I’m very glad that my son is falling sick less often, doesn’t need western or oral medication now and enjoys his time at full-day childcare. He also enjoys his Bio-Light Cough Therapy as there are videos to keep him relaxed during the PDT therapy.’


Another mother, Mrs Tan, also commented that her 2-year old daughter Si Jia coughs less often since receiving the Bio-Light Cough Therapy from October last year. Previously, Si Jia had suffered from bronchitis 3 times and kept falling sick at preschool. Similarly, Si Jia was prescribed numerous cough medications and antibiotics but yet it took very long to make her cough go away. However, with Bio-Light Cough Therapy, Si Jia was able to recover from her persistent cough in just a few days. Mrs Tan remarked, ‘Si Jia’s immune system seems stronger now since she cut down on western oral medication, and even her preschool teachers commented that her health has improved.’


Similarly, Mrs Koay shared that since her 3-year old daughter Celeste received the Bio- Light Cough Therapy about 9 months ago, her coughing has reduced and should she fall ill occasionally, she would recover much faster. Celeste used to take numerous cough medications including those containing corticosteroids and would take 2 weeks or more to recover from a cough, but with Bio-Light Cough Therapy, it only takes a few days to recover. Mrs Koay commented, ‘Celeste’s immune system is stronger now, and hasn’t needed to take oral medication and doesn’t fall sick often including during her half-day preschool.’


Bio-Light Cough Therapy is indeed a safe, fast and effective treatment with no side effect – proving that innovative Traditional Chinese Medicine’s method can treat coughs faster and more effectively and make that persistent cough go away.


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