10 ways to prepare your child for Primary 1 - Part 2







Reading should be a priority for your child. It will make a difference both in his school performance and in his life in the future. Teaching your child how to read will enable him to understand lessons in school quickly and with better comprehension. Read to your child before bedtime or he will be the one to read a bedtime story.


Create a mini-library to increase his enthusiasm in reading. This will also help him increase his vocabulary, grammar, and his overall knowledge about things. You can visit the library too. Use your library card!









Your child will say goodbye to his old preschool friends, and make way for his new soon-to-be primary school ones. Of course, it does not mean that he shouldn’t hang out with his old friends anymore, but just pave way for new ones. You can talk to your child about making new friends. What to expect for new classmates and schoolmates.


Encourage them to create new friendships during his primary school life, but still reassure them that they will be able to hang out with their old preschool buddies. You can set-up some playdates within the first 2-3 months of your child’s primary school to maintain this kind of friendships. Time to play!




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Practice everything with you child. Walking to school together, taking public transport, using the school bus, it is always a good idea to practice these with your child. You can practice waking up early and going to your child’s school. Then reverse it when riding back home and sleeping early at night. That way your child will know it like muscle memory and will be able to do it by himself when school starts. This is an excellent way to have bonding time with your kid. Practice makes perfect!






Before the new school term will begin, most schools will hold an orientation session or program for you and your child. After the orientation session, ask your child if he has any questions or concerns regarding the things discussed and things about the school and the people he will encounter when the new term begins. This is an opportunity to get to know your child more and a chance to assure your child that even when everything will be new, the environment and all, it will be a good new experience and that he should have fun attending primary school. Always encourage your child! Whatever happens! He will be very happy about it. He will.









I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. You should always encourage your child, no matter what. May it be a milestone (you don’t know how much a big deal for a child to get a star stamped on his hand), or a new friend, playmate, or even his first crush! Even if he feels down, always encourage him and lift his spirits up. Celebrate if he does well in school, reassure him if he’s not. Encourage always goes a really, really, long way! Don’t make him hate school!



Those are the top tips to get your child prepared for school. Preparing is always important. Always remember, encourage your child!

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