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8 Misconceptions of Chinese PreSchools in Singapore Debunked


"What exactly IS the difference between regular preschools and Chinese preschools in Singapore anyway?"...


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6 Tips to Prepare your Preschooler for More Independence


It’s heartwarming, and at the same time frightening, to see your preschooler wanting to feed your beloved pet...


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Unlocking Your Children’s Cognitive Potential!



Our children’s brain grows the fastest in their first six years! This makes it of utmost importance for us...


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DHA for the Picky Eaters!




The early years of your child’s life is a period of incredible growth. During this time, it is important that our...


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Teaching Pre-schoolers Good Manners


Are you having a hard time raising your preschoolers with the right manners and good conduct?


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3 to 4 Year-Olds: Intellectual Milestones


As you may have been keeping track of his milestones well since he was a baby, these fascinating and amusing changes...


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Helping Your Child To Be A Good Friend - Lesson 2: Kindness



Kindness is the one of the most important lessons of friendship. As parents, we all wish for our children to be strong, empathetic and caring. To get parents started, here are 7 ways to help your children be kind!


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Helping Your Child To Be A Good Friend - Lesson 1: Generosity



The characters in My Little Pony each represent an important Element of Harmony which helps a child to be a good friend. The first element we will discuss today is Rarity’s generosity. Her nature to help everyone in need and make unique presents for her friends makes her the best role model to follow when it comes to teaching children the power of giving!


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How To Grow A Child To The Fullest



Academic talent is only one of many types of intelligence in this world. What we can do as parents is to let our children find the talents they feel comfortable with. But what are those “many” talents?


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8 Tips for Working Parents: Juggling Work And Home



In today’s world, most parents try to juggle family and their work commitments in a bid to help supplement the family’s finances and to provide more opportunities for their kids. Together with Learning Vision at Raffles Place, we checked in with some parents working in the CBD and came up with 8 easy tips for all our working mums and dads!


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The Kissing Hand



First days are hard for both children and his/her parents. The separation can be difficult. Join Chester and his mommy Mrs Raccoon as they learn that even though they may be far apart, they'll always remain in each other's hearts, no matter what. 


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I Can See Just Fine



Getting glasses is a very real issue that many parents and children have to deal with! Children who are having problems with their vision and their parents alike will delight in this refreshingly fun and much-needed take on getting glasses for the first time. 


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Hands Are Not For Hitting



It’s never too soon for children to learn that violence is never okay, hands can do many good things, and everyone is capable of positive, loving actions. In this bright, inviting, durable board book, simple words and full-color illustrations teach these important concepts in ways even very young children can understand.


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The Very Hungry Caterpillar



Eric Carle has certainly done a great job at both illustrating and writing this book. What we really enjoyed about this book was Eric Carle’s colourful and cute illustrations.


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Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell


Dear Zoo is a very readable and enjoyable book, with plenty of appeal, from the gorgeous illustrations to look at, to the flaps to fiddle with, and last but not least, the potential to make all the appropriate animal noises.


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123 Peas by Keith Baker



Simply illustrated and featuring a nation of peas, this little book is built upon simple text. It marches through the numbers; 1 through to 10, with a quick stop on the 10s before marching up to 100.


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Storybook Rhymes Volume 1



Filled with well-known children rhymes that are interactive and educational, the high-resolution graphics are entertaining and addictive!


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