The Kissing Hand



I Can See Just Fine

AUTHOR: Eric Barclay

AGE RANGE: 3-5 years

SUITABLE FOR: Preschool and up

MAIN FOCUS: Growing Up & Facts of Life

First days are hard for both children and his/her parents. The separation can be difficult. Join Chester and his mommy Mrs Raccoon as they learn that even though they may be far apart, they'll always remain in each other's hearts, no matter what. 


Do you know a young child who is about to start school or going through any sort of separation from loved ones? The Kissing Hand is about a little raccoon called Chester who is about to start school but doesn’t want to go. To help ease Chester’s fears, his mother, Mrs Raccoon, shares a little secret with him that will help him throughout the day, each time he misses her or feels afraid. Mrs Raccoon assures Chester that although entering a new school may be scary, there will be plenty of new things he will love there once he settles in. She then shares with Chester (and all the readers) a precious family secret. Mrs Raccoon kisses Chester’s palm and wraps his fingers close around the “kiss”. She explains that he now carries her love with him. Every time Chester feels lonely or far away from home, he can hold his hand to his cheek and know that his mom loves him throughout the day. Before he enters the school gates on his first day, Chester takes Mrs Raccoon’s hand and kisses it back. Now, whenever Mrs Raccoon misses her son during the day, she can know that he loves her all the time, too. School turns out to be enjoyable, and each time Chester starts to feel lonely or misses his mom, all he does is press his hand to his cheek and he feels his mom’s love all over again.


The Kissing Hand is a helpful and highly relatable book for any young child having to cope with separation from loved ones. It doesn’t have to be the first day of school. It could be as simple as a sleepover at a relative’s house or a hospital stay, or perhaps, on a heavier note, a permanent loss of a loved one.


And guess what? This children’s classic isn’t only for the little ones – it is just as helpful and relevant for grown-ups. (Just one note of caution: be ready to have a few tissues at hand before you start reading!)


This book helps all of us – kid or grown-up – to remember that the love between us and those we love does not go away even when we cannot see them. No matter your age and what sort of separation you are going through, big or small, this is a great, reassuring book you could read over and over again.

Also available at the National Library and major bookstores


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