Have A Stress Free First Day Of School


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They say that “The first is always the hardest.” This is very applicable especially to your child. First words, first walk, first time to eat real food, and the list goes on. But there is one first that is happening recurrently and is always equally dreadful every year. That’s right. It’s the first day of Primary school.


Start the first day of school right and not with a lot of panic (because a little bit of panic doesn’t hurt). Here's a checklist to ensure you are well prepped for his BIG day:






“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin


Every successful achievement in life lies in the preparation behind it. And with proper preparation for your kid’s first day of primary school by getting ready the evening before, you will have taken a chunk out of the panic and stress that you might (and probably will) feel the morning after on his first day of school.


Here is a checklist to guide to your preparation:


- Get your child to bed early, and by early we mean consistently early

- Put everything your child needs in his bag, that includes pens, pencils, papers, home-work, crayons, scissors, snacks, extra clothes (optional), etc.

- Iron your child’s clothes for tomorrow’s use

- Prepare your child’s snack (or alternatively, think about what to prepare for your kid’s snack tomorrow, to remain the food’s freshness)

- Review your child about the subjects for tomorrow, you can also review him about the school faculty and school facilities for him to easily familiarize his environment

- Give your child tips on how to survive the first day of school (if possible, tell your child about the wonderful experience you had when you went to primary school yourself)

- Teach your child the Do’s and Don’ts in the classroom and outside of it

- Safety first! Tell your kid who to go to when he feels sick

- Try to encourage your child to have fun in school

- Share your own fun moments when you went to primary school as a kid to boost your child’s confidence

- Put an alarm clock near your child’s bed

- Settle any concerns before putting your child to sleep






- Wake up at least half an hour before your child does

- Wake your child up!

- Lay out his clothes while your kid showers, brushes his teeth, and grooms himself

- Make a very yummy breakfast

- Eat breakfast with your children

- Check the school bags before your child leaves

- Make sure they don’t miss the arrival of the school bus

- If you are taking your child to school, always check the traffic forecast in your area so your child will not arrive late

- If you are walking to school with your child, teach him street signs along the way, also teach him the do’s and don’ts of crossing the street and talking to strangers

- Say goodbye to your kid when you get to school and always assure your little one the everything will be fine

- Always have fun while doing everything!



There you have it. The checklist. The technique in achieving this list is to always have a very keen mind and always be encouraging to your child. Always be alert, always be there for them (or at least assure them that you will be always be there for them; you can’t be in their classroom while they’re having classes), don’t be a helicopter parent, and of course address all your kid’s concerns regarding the first day of school.


Here are some more “strategies” to further enhance the school experience for your kid:


- Get plenty of sleep

- Reduce fear of the unknown

- Reduce fear of change

- Listen to your child

- Use techniques that work to reduce stress

- Buy a planner

- Routine is your best friend

- Organization is also key

- Implement earlier bedtimes

- Establish the homework routine

- Involve your child in school related planning e.g. shopping for school supplies, tuition








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