Repton Schoolhouse Singapore Launches


Repton Schoolhouse – Singapore’s latest preschool launches in 2019 with the most different holistic education.


When it comes to selecting a preschool, we want the best for our children and for our wallets. Today, we bring you Repton Schoolhouse, one of the most attentive preschools we’ve visited, a school’s curriculum tagged with a holistic difference.




Founding Director, Louise Grant, describes Repton Schoolhouse’s curriculum as unique, combining the best of the British and Singaporean education systems and traditions, aimed at enabling each child to be guided and encouraged to grow and develop their potential within a nurturing and supportive environment.


Image: Repton Schoolhouse Singapore


Repton’s 450-year educational knowledge greatly shaped the contemporary education which our children experience, the traditions and core values with a clearly effective approach which moulds and brings out the potential of our children.


To describe our children’s intense learning experience with Repton Schoolhouse, we bring you 5 reasons to why Repton Schoolhouse should be on your list of preschools to check out!


1) Teachers encourage every child to find their own way to learn


We were blown away by the teaching environment at Repton. Believing that every child is a unique individual who learns in his or her own way by responding differently to various teaching techniques. Teachers at the schoolhouse go beyond teaching and become facilitators of learning, they truly know how to model learning and orchestrate play with every child.


Children therefore are more encouraged to be naturally motivated and active learners, enjoy their learning experience and are ever more curious about their lessons and the world around them.


Parents who want to keep a watchful eye can also get to enjoy a close partnership with the teachers and be kept abreast of their child’s progress carefully through regular reviews.


2) The 7 Spheres of Learning!


True to its 450-year approach and values, Repton Schoolhouse’s curriculum includes Language Arts (English and Chinese), Mathematical Thinking, Inquiring Minds, Creativity and Culture, Healthy Bodies and even Personal Empowerment.


We found this especially important to build emotional resilience in our children while at the same time, nurture self-awareness and skills to build positive relationships with the people around them.


Image: Repton Schoolhouse Singapore


To facilitate a bilingual environment, a first in Repton’s international programme made just for Singapore, every classroom has a lead English teacher, a lead Chinese teacher, along with two teacher assistants. This provides children optimal opportunities to master proficiencies in both languages. In addition, the teacher/student ratio of 6:1 ensures that sufficient attention is given to our children.


The learning environment at Repton Schoolhouse is astoundingly welcoming as well! With also then leads to…


3) A sprawling 7,300 square feet of purpose-built learning area


Initiating a great learning includes the proving the right environment too. Repton prides itself on having created an inspiring environment for children to learn and grow in its architect-designed, purpose-built Kindergarten.


Image: Repton Schoolhouse Singapore


Spanning a grand 7,300 square feet, the school welcomes its kids with a huge play and learning area, a stunning library situated at the heart of the school as well as 6 large classrooms. Talk about a great space for great learning!


4) Roald Dahl attended the school and so should your children


Image: Repton Schoolhouse Singapore


When you’ve got a leading UK school with a 450-year tested approach, you are bound to find famous alumnus. Repton Alumni include renowed children books’ author Roald Dahl and novelist cum playwright, Christopher Isherwood -- testimonies to an outstanding curriculum fostering confident communicators!


Children practise the Daily 5 habits – Read to Self, Work on Writing, Read to Someone, Listen to Reading and Word Work, every day. Hands down to a framework which encourages reading and writing independently at a young age!


Image: Repton Schoolhouse Singapore


5) And healthy food which never tasted this good!


Healthy food fuels for both the body and soul and at Repton Singapore, official food caterer The New Luncher prepares the food for the children from scratch every morning using fresh, natural and quality ingredients helping the children to stay healthy.


Image: Repton Schoolhouse Singapore


New flavours are gradually introduced to the children, taking them on a ‘culinary journey’ and encouraging them to develop every day good food habits.


What’s more, children are also given opportunities in the classroom to prepare part of their meals or special occasion treats while they learn about what goes into their food! Check out the tangyuans which our little chefs made in class for dessert!


What Rise & Shine loves: The teachers, environment and one of the best curriculums available for holistic and well-rounded children! Two hands up for Repton Schoolhouse!



Parents who are checking out Repton Singapore can arrange for a visit to check out their Alexandra campus and enjoy special rates over HERE.


For more information, do check out Repton Singapore’s official website.


Where to find it

Repton Schoolhouse

321 Alexandra Road, Alexandra Central Mall, #03-11, Singapore 159971

+65 8129 2550







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