Review: Odyssey Preschool



Selecting a preschool which ticks all the right check-boxes can be tough. Knowing what to look for can be even tougher! To help you understand more about each and every school, we chat with parents to get an insight into their experience and what they thought of their child’s progress in the preschool.



Parent: Gerry


What She Says:


Gideon wears a big smile on his face when he reaches the Odyssey every morning. When he first joined the Tots Explorers 6 months ago, he was shy, wary of strangers and suffered from separation anxiety. Gideon has since transformed into a confident, independent and cheery boy, who loves singing the songs learnt in school!


We credit this amazing transformation to the very warm, nurturing and experienced Tots teachers Gideon is so blessed to have. The Tots team has cared for and taught Gideon very well, while keeping us continually updated on his development and milestones.


Thank you Tots team!



Parent: Ela Erozan Gursel


What She Says:


Uzay physical capabilities (fine motor skills in drawing and potty training) increased tremendously. Ms. Anna did a wonderful job in potty training Uzay. We coordinated perfectly at school and home, and in 2 weeks, Uzay was completely off diapers. The way that she talks and writes about the activities, skills gained, and their continuous development proves that she is a dedicated educator. I am truly happy that Ms Anna is Uzay's teacher.


Lai Laoshi (老师) has been great in teaching Chinese. Uzay is a good listener and within a few weeks, we started to hear Chinese words from him. He was very proud to speak Chinese that Mom and Dad can't speak! Lately, when I go and fetch him in the evenings, I see him conversing with several Laoshis (老师) in Chinese. Lai Laoshi's (老师) efforts are evident in Uzay's improvement in Chinese.


We are thrilled that Uzay is always enthusiastic about going to school and frequently expresses that he loves his teachers and friends. We do hope that N2 Inquirers Team will continue their excellent work in teaching our son.



Parent: Jacinta


What She Says:


My son joined Odyssey 13 months ago. He loves the environment and teachers. Odyssey’s attentiveness to safety and focus on providing a holistic learning experience for the kids is inspiring. Each week, the Odyssey teachers carefully plan activities that broaden the learning horizons of the preschoolers.


Treating my child as an individual, the teachers’ have been working closely with me to help my son achieve key development milestones. On a weekly basis, they share my son’s progress no matter how small. Odyssey’s key tenets of care, dedication and creativity help keep my young one engaged, excited to learn and most of all, grow into a confident young boy.



Parent: Thomas & Shu


What They Say:


The fact that both our kids’ preschool education were entrusted to Odyssey is itself a huge testimonial to our confidence in Odyssey’s program. The real gems to the program’s success were indeed the qualities of the teachers.


I wish to express my most sincere appreciation to Miss Nurliyana and 杜老师. Both teachers were the most important for the early development of our little girl, Gwen. Miss Nurliyana had been the Curriculum Specialist since Gwen was in N2 and was instrumental behind her personality and character developments. 杜老师 was incredibly loving, passionate and provided a fun and nurturing learning environment during Gwen’s kindergarten years.


Under their tutorage, Gwen has developed into a confident, cheerful and positive 6 year old child. Such solid characteristic traits will serve as strong foundations as she continues with the rest of her life’s journey.


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