Nurturing Your child’s Brain with Games and DHA!


Like a sponge, a child’s brain is always absorbing new information and a never ending hive of activity. From the instant your child is born, his brain is nearly 30% of its adult weight, it then grows to 70% by the age of 2 and 90% by the age of 6. This makes brain development especially crucial in the first 2 years of a child’s life.


Stimulating our children’s brain does not require fancy gadgets! Here’s three brain games suggestions for you and your children!


1) Simon Says



Objective: Boost mental alertness when listening and waiting for the words, Simon Says


Play Style:

- Players can only carry out actions when someone says “Simon Says,

- Each player gets a turn to lead and decide on an action. (You’ll never know what you will get!)

- You can always go for simple actions like touch your toes, blink your eyes or squeeze your fingers or get creative and include animal movements!


2) Picture Fun!



Objective: Stimulate your child’s visual memory


Play Style:

- Make index cards with objects your child might find interesting such as an aeroplane, animals or cars.

- Show the pictures to your toddler, telling him the name of the object and talking about the object.

- Ask your toddler to look for a picture that you told him about. For example, after talking about the giraffe, you can ask her “Where’s the giraffe?”


3) Balance Beam




Objective: Boost mental alertness to balance on surface.


Play Style:

- At a playground, hold your child’s hand and help them walk across the beam.

- If he feels confident, he can walk across on his own

- After which, make it more challenging by getting him to balance on just one foot as he walks the beam while you support him.




Everyday, a child requires an adequate daily intake of the omega-3 fatty acid DHA in a balanced diet through DHA rich food types such as oily cold water fish and seafood like mackerel, salmon and tuna. But just how often do they consume these on a daily basis? Even the common food we eat everyday like rice, tofu, eggs and chicken have low DHA content in them.




Here’s just how much DHA and EPA your child requires daily:



The equivalent of at least 250 mg of DHA and EPA to meet your child’s daily needs would be,


- 10 beef strips

- 8 glasses of childrens milk

- 6 chicken legs

- 4 blocks of cheddar cheese

- 2 tilapia fillets

- Or simply 3 pastilles of DHA Gummies Pastilles!




Scott’s DHA Gummies are a tasty, convenient way for children to get DHA, which are made with microencapsulated DHA technology that lock in the benefits of fish oil and lock away the fishy taste. Help achieve your child’s daily DHA needs with just 3x Scott’s DHA Gummies!


Scott’s DHA Gummies also contains Vitamin D to support a healthy immune system and growth as well as all the DHA goodness to help your child’s healthy brain development growth!


Scott’s DHA Gummies are sold in all major supermarkets and pharmacies. To find out more about Scott’s DHA Gummies, check out this link!











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