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If you’re constantly finding yourself strapped for time (and money) with your little one, it’s time to stop and re-evaluate where all those minutes are flying off to. Yes, those after-school enrichment classes are well-meaning, but do we need that many classes packed back-to-back? How about prioritising classes that have long-term effects, and gel with your own beliefs. We’ve got one that incorporates fun and life-long learning into weekly one-hour classes, and the best part? It’s effective and the results are obvious.




Enter Jan & Elly. One of Singapore’s pioneers to use phonics systematically to teach pre-schoolers to read independently. If you’re still new to phonics, it is one of the most efficient reading methods around, as testament to the thousands of kids who have benefitted from Jan & Elly’s unique phonics curriculum.




What makes it special is the way founder, Elly, and her team of curriculum writers carefully combine phonics with basal instruction, so reading becomes a natural progression. They complement this systematic foundation with lots of creative elements such as craftwork, storytelling and songs that the kiddos barely feel like they’re cooped up in a classroom churning out homework.




In fact, one of Jan & Elly’s best points is the clever way they ignite good habits in their students. When you go early to a class, you’ll notice little kids huddled around books waiting for class to start, eagerly sounding out words on their own – a habit the kids take home with them and carry through life.




Luckily for you, Jan & Elly is holding a taster class in November, to give those who are keen on trying out a session a chance to do so, with no commitment. You’ll get to meet Elly and find out how as parents, you can supplement your child’s learning at home, while the kids enjoy a phonics session with the teachers. Plus, each child will get a complimentary assessment (worth $30) done, so parents can get a better understanding of how their child is faring when it comes to reading.




When: Saturdays (5, 12 and 19 Nov)

Time: 6.30pm – 8.00pm

Where: All Jan & Elly branches (refer to website for exact details)

Price: $10

RSVP: enquiry@jan-elly.com | 6481 8892






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