I Can See Just Fine



I Can See Just Fine

AUTHOR: Eric Barclay

AGE RANGE: 3-5 years

SUITABLE FOR: Preschool and up

MAIN FOCUS: Growing Up & Facts of Life

Getting glasses is a very real issue that many parents and children have to deal with! Children who are having problems with their vision and their parents alike will delight in this refreshingly fun and much-needed take on getting glasses for the first time. 


Our main character, Paige, is just like every other kid – except she cannot see quite well. Despite Paige’s repeated protests, “I can see just fine!”, the funny illustrations portray a different story. Paige comes in with a skunk, thinking it is a cat. She reads a book upside down. She cannot quite see the chalkboard, her sheet music, or anything else! Paige’s parents decide it’s time for her to visit the eye doctor. Despite Paige’s stubborn protests, she braves an eye checkup, enjoys a playful frame selection, and at the moment her glasses are on, falls completely quiet – now, she can really see just fine!


If you’re noticing that your child can’t see all that fine and you think it’s time for your child to see the eye doctor, you are going to be happy to have this book to read with them!


Kids will easily identify with Paige as much as they are drawn to the playful illustrations of Paige’s comical stubbornness. As the kids follow Paige all the way through the process of the eye checkup and getting her glasses, their own feelings of nervousness and apprehension about going to the eye doctor will ease. The colourful illustrations are fun to look at, easy to understand and bring the story to life.


This book is perfect for kids who are getting glasses for the first time, but even if your child has good vision and can see just fine, this would nevertheless make for a short, entertaining family read.

Also available at the National Library and major bookstores


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