Are You Ready For Your Child's First Day At Pre-school?




One of the most exciting times of your child’s life is going to school. In this case, pre-school. The first step in getting your child ready for life.


This is a milestone worthy of celebration yet an emotionally-filled one as many parents come to a realization that their precious babies are growing up, fast!


Done all your homework to prep your child for pre-school, but you’re not ready emotionally? Here are some tips for you to be prepared in dealing with emotions associated with one of your child’s stepping stones for a good life:






It is! As simple as that. We know you have been hearing about bad things in the news about letting your child be alone without your supervision. And yes, danger lurks everywhere it can. But you can’t let your worrisome thinking get in the way of your child’s deserved education. Even if you aren’t there to watch over them, there are other people who can safeguard your child’s safety. The teachers, the school attendants, the principal, among others. Don’t let your child grow up to be too dependent on your supervision.


Your kids are readier than you think and if they are not, you will get there together. The first day of preschool can be both hard on parents and children. If you are worried about many things, trust us. You will get over it.






In everything in life, it’s always good to have allies. Knowing that there are others who are going through the same stage you are right now is important in boosting up your confidence. If you think you are the only parent that’s having this eerie feeling of letting your child go, think again. You are not alone.


Meet and chat to at least one ‘new’ parent. You’ll have a lot in common over the next few years. It will be a gem to have an ally who’s going through the same process as you.


Join our Facebook closed group created for parents of Preschoolers (Aged 4 to 6) in mind where preparation for formal school has become very important! We welcome:

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If your kid got a school journal, fill in all the details at the front (first page), such as addresses and phone numbers. The teacher will have these details already, but it is adequate for other personnel at school or public places to be able to get hold of such details at short notice in an emergency.






It’s common for a child to cry on their first day of school. However, you should always let your child get through his negative feelings. Simply going together on a regular basis will provide your little one with a strong sense of anticipation. Keep your goodbyes short and sweet so that your child knows what to expect but doesn't lengthen your exit. When you pick him up at the end of the day, reinforce the idea that you came back, just like you said you would.





Letting your child go might be a difficult thing to do. It might even be more difficult for you. But time will come when you will be able to surpass this challenge in your life. Soon, you will learn to accept the fact that your child must grow up and do things on his own for him to live a good life. Don’t worry if you feel anxious. You’re not the first one to feel that way. As many people have said, “You’ll get over it.”





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