Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell


Dear Zoo is a very readable and enjoyable book, with plenty of appeal, from the gorgeous illustrations to look at, to the flaps to fiddle with, and last but not least, the potential to make all the appropriate animal noises. This book has remained a favourite from very early on, and we have not grown bored of reading it every day.

As well as being great fun, it is also educational! It teaches children concepts such as "too tall" and "too grumpy" as well teaching them why zoo animals cannot be kept as pets. Children very quickly learn the order the animals appear in, and the anticipation adds to their enjoyment of this classic book.

We strongly recommend this book to all parents who is looking to cultivate a love for reading in their young ones. Trust us, this book will be the the your tot brings to the room for bedtime every night!

Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell retails in bookstores for $12.50 (at Kinokuniya).

Features of the products

  • Engaging – Lift The Flap helps to involve the child in the reading process which makes reading very enjoyable and a time to bond

  • Educational



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