3 to 4 Year-Olds: Intellectual Milestones




Got a preschooler? You are most probably enjoying your 3 or 4 year old’s endless stories about how his day went, and you may have probably heard him tell some jokes or make silly antics. As you may have been keeping track of his milestones well since he was a baby, these fascinating and amusing changes are actually developmental milestones that we’d like to manifest in our preschooler.


At age 3 to 4, we shift into identifying intellectual developments rather than motor developments, and this might be a bit tricky to determine.


Here’s a rundown of milestones to watch out for at this age.



1. Sense of Humor


She can now recognize when something is silly or foolish. You may start to hear her tell jokes and do ridiculous things such as making crazy dance moves. She can also tell you when you are deliberately being silly.




2. Communication


Her mouth muscles must be more developed by now. She should be able to communicate clearly with others and be able to construct complex sentences. Expand your child’s vocabulary by making your storytelling more interactive; Pause and ask questions when you come across difficult words, and ask her open-ended questions about the story.




3. Listening Skills


Ask her to put her toys in a box and throw her candy wrappers in the trash bin. Your preschooler’s eagerness to please also makes her able to follow multistep instructions, with guidance, of course.




4. Socialization


With their rich and wild imagination and more developed language skills, they can now relate well with their peers. She’s now learning how to play by the rules and play fair. This is the age doing a lot of pretend games which are vital in their mental and social development. Encourage her to do such and fulfill her demand for two-way conversations.




5. Gross Motor Skills


This is a good age to play casual sports with your child as her ability to focus and gross motor skills continue to develop. She can now balance herself or hop on one foot and be better at catching and throwing a ball.







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