123 Peas by Keith Baker



TITLE: 1-2-3 Peas (The Peas Series)

AUTHOR: Keith Baker

AGE RANGE: 2-5 years

SUITABLE FOR: Prechool and up

MAIN FOCUS: Teaching numbers


WHAT WE LIKE ABOUT IT: Simply illustrated and featuring a nation of peas, this little book is built upon simple text. It marches through the numbers; 1 through to 10, with a quick stop on the 10s before marching up to 100. The book provides lots of opportunities for children to act it out with sounds and actions. For instance, “ten peas building – pound, pound, pound.” - allows my toddler to act it out while learning the succession of numbers and words such as “building”.



In the example above, ten peas are pictured building an elaborate structure around a large number 10. Using lots of entertaining and rather intricate illustrations of peas, these charming little characters are bursting with fun and energy,



From 1 to 100, there is a ton for your kids to discover. So have a roly, poly good time with these tiny green mathematicians!

Availability at National Library Board: Yes! Also available at major bookstores


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