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Top 10 Brain Superfoods Which You Can Find In Your Supermarket


When it comes to developing our brains, many of us turn to games, apps, course materials etc to stimulate our brain...


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6 Tips to Prepare your Preschooler for More Independence


It’s heartwarming, and at the same time frightening, to see your preschooler wanting to feed your beloved pet...


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Unlocking Your Children’s Cognitive Potential!



Our children’s brain grows the fastest in their first six years! This makes it of utmost importance for us...


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DHA for the Picky Eaters!




The early years of your child’s life is a period of incredible growth. During this time, it is important that our...


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Teaching Pre-schoolers Good Manners


Are you having a hard time raising your preschoolers with the right manners and good conduct?


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Safe Driving Tips for Moms and Dads



Carefully installed car seats — check! State-of-the-art safety features — check! Perfect driving record — check! Now all you need to keep your mobile munchkins as safe and sound as possible are these common-sense tips for safe driving.


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Relax, Mom! Seven Ways to Take Five



Sure, a weekend at a spa would be lovely, but realistically that’s just not going to happen right now. However, you can still decompress and recharge your batteries with these five-minute mood-boosters:


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For You, And Your Children



The way an unborn child lays in the womb could affect the way the spine develops. On top of that, the birthing process is a traumatic for both mother and child. Especially if a child was delivered with forceps, caesarian, or vacuum—this could seriously compromise the spinal health of the child.


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Dad’s Health: Benefits of Having a Family



Babies not only change your life, Dad, they improve your health. From reducing stress to adding on years, discover the biggest perks of parenthood.


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Stress-free Parenting - How to become a Calmer Mom!



Being a mother can be extremely challenging at times. Even the most staid and conscientious mother can have a hard time in keeping her cool when a toddler throws a tantrum at a supermarket or a teenaged kid refuses to acknowledge her admonitions repeatedly.


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