Healthy Immune System = A Healthy Growing Child!




Is dirt good for our kids? According to experts with WebMD, there is an increasing amount of evidence suggesting that exposing children to germs is more of a boon than a bane! In fact, early exposure to germs can protect our children from illnesses arising from allergies, the common cold and even asthma!


BUT! Before you have your little ones playing with more of the great outdoors, it is important for us to build a foundation for their immunity system. Stashing up the right amount of vitamins in our children’s bodies works best to protect them against germs!


Here’s our top 5 Vitamin picks for our children and where you can find them!


Vitamin A


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Several of our immunity functions depends on the amount of Vitamin A in our body which is why, Vitamin A is also known as the immune boosting vitamin!


You can find Vitamin A (there are two primary forms!) in animal – derived foods and colourful fruits and vegetables!


(1) Active Vitamin A or Retinol, in animal products such as eggs and liver, does not need to be converted into the vitamin in the body hence can be used directly by the body.
(2) Vitamin A is known as carotenoids, which needs to be converted to Active Vitamin A for the body’s usage, can be found in fruits and vegetables such as spinach, leafy green vegetables and squash!


Vitamin C


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Vitamin C is our children’s simple solution to fight off invading germs! Supporting our body’s immune responses by providing antioxidant protection, Vitamin C is also involved in important immune cell functions such as wound healing and the absorption of iron.


Vitamin C is absolutely vital for the growth, development and repair of body tissues as well!


Vitamin C is generally found in all citrus fruits, strawberries, bell peppers, cauliflower and broccoli.


Vitamin D3


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Vitamin D is thought to play a role in maintaining the immune system. Immune cells have a vitamin D receptor, which when exposed to active vitamin D, results in the body making a special protein used by the body to help destroy a number of infectious agents. Young children who are growing rapidly and having marginal calcium intake may have increased requirements for vitamin D that may not be met in winter when reduced exposure to sunlight depletes the body’s stores of vitamin D.


Vitamin D rich foods include sunlight, sardines, salmon, tuna, milk, eggs and mushrooms.


Vitamin E


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Vitamin E supports normal function of the immune system and is found in high concentrations in immune cells. These cells are at especially high risk of free radical damage.


Vitamin E rich foods include apricots, melons, peanuts, mangos, fish and carrots.


Zinc Rich Foods


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Zinc is often undermined and forgotten. This essential mineral however affects multiple aspects of the immune system! Crucial for the function of immune cells, zinc stimulates enzymes in the body to invoke cellular development and normal cell growth.


The ability of zinc to function as an antioxidant also suggests that it has a role in helping reduce the damage caused by free radicals during infections.


Zinc also plays an important role in complimenting treatments to common issues such as ADHD, tinnitus and eye diseases too.


You can find zinc rich foods in red meats, potatoes with the skin, nuts, beans, whole grains cereals.


How then can we play an active role to protect our children while they play?


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As children grow up, attend daycare and begins schooling, their bodies become more exposed to bugs where they may be at a higher risk of catching colds and the flu. While this is every parent's fear of their child growing up, taking vitamins and minerals can help to ease these worries.


Keeping your child germ-free 24/7 around the clock might be compromising your plans to keep him healthy. Exposing your child to germs, if done the right way, can work as a fantastic defense mechanism for their immune system.


Arm yourself with Blackmores Kids' Immunities™ that is set to beat the germs and boost your child's immunity.





Shaped in a light orange tablet, Kids' Immunities™ is a chewable formula packed with 5 key immune ingredients like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E and Zinc. Each with their unique properties, they work towards optimal immunity and supporting healthy immune defenses.


Blackmores Kids' Immunities™ tooth friendly formula containing xylitol, a plant based sweetener and the absence of artificial sweeteners, colours and flavours make this vitamin a great daily defence for your child to take on the go, whenever and wherever. With Blackmores Kids' Immunities™ , your kids have nothing to fear from germs.


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