Friendship is Magic – Lesson 5: Happiness




Friendship is Magic! Parenting is a long journey and together with the Mane Six of My Little Pony, we are proud to bring you this six-part parenting series to help you nurture the values of friendship and family in your child!


In today’s article, find out how you can nurture the Pinkie Pie in our children!


Of all the Mane Six, Pinkie Pie represents the Element of Laughter. Pinkie Pie is known for her love for parties, making friends and most importantly, laughing her fears away.


Laughter is so important in our children’s lives. Pinkie Pie’s joyful disposition is what makes her ever so positive no matter how negative the outlook can be and confident enough to conquer all odds!


So how can we nurture happier children and develop more Pinkie Pies? Here’s 8 ways for you to try at home!



Be Happy =)


It comes to no surprise to all of us and even research has shown that the happier you are, the more likely your children will feel happier and more successful.


Apart of work and family time, remember to spend time doing the things you like to do i.e. your favourite hobby, going out with your friends, reading etc. This keeps us feeling positive and happy with ourselves and our lives!


Have that happiness rub off your children! Get the next level and even involve your child in your favourite activity! For all you know, your children might love it too!




Think Positive and Stay Positive


Maintaining a positive disposition at all times (even in the face of the biggest challenge) will help your child understand that no matter what happens, there will always be a way out.


Take Pinkie Pie for instance, in the face of adversity in the Everfree Forest, her friends were all frightened by the scary looking trees. Pinkie Pie taught her friends to stay positive and happy and laugh their fears away!


Though easier said than done, a great way to start is to always focus the most optimistic viewpoints or scenario if you are faced with a negative situation. Plan out your next move and take that leap of faith!




Allowing Success and Failures


Every child has his or her own natural ability and as parents, we should always be rewarding effort and not perfection. Children at this tender age have a lot to learn and every try they get is a step closer to being better in it.


The biggest mistake which parents today make is rushing in to assist when they see their kids struggling with it. No one will get it right on the first try. They may need more than a second attempt at it. But, aim to always prompt and not provide with an immediate assist.


Try this! If your child is having problems remembering the alphabet by heart, prompt by mouthing the next letter instead of saying it out loud.


If it’s a simple 1+2 = 3, count with them and have them give the answer.


It takes patience and time, but starting them young and having them know that they will achieve success somehow by constantly trying, you are prepping them to deal with setbacks and allowing them to taste the sweetness of success!




Be Grateful and Practice Gratitude


We’ve seen the #50DayGratitude challenge and we challenge you to do the same! Adopt a habit to be grateful for everything you have and involve your child to do the same as a routine every night!


Examples of how they can practice gratitude could be

1) How the teachers in our school made us lovely sandwiches for tea.

2) How Mummy and Daddy came to pick us up from school and the dinner which they had

3) How Mummy and Daddy are so tired yet they are still reading our favourite storybook.


Happiness has always been linked to gratitude and by instilling this as a habit in our children helps them to learn how they can value one other in their lives.




Avoid Favouritism and Competition among Siblings


The moment parents demonstrate favouritism towards one child, other child will feel unappreciated. Of course as a parents, we definitely do not want children feel insecure and feel intimidated by siblings. Each child is special and unique in its own ways and brings different qualities to the family. We have to be equally proud of all our kids.


Also, do not encourage competition among siblings. It can raise concerns if it turns negative and in the adulthood, it takes the form of rivalry. Instead of competition, parents should encourage support among siblings and inculcate co-operation that leads to higher sense of loyalty.




Let the Kids Resolve their Own Conflicts


Children need to learn how to address and work through conflicts. Let them talk to each other to resolve the conflicts. This will teach your children that just because a conflict arises, the relationship between the two parties doesn't need to end. Conflict Resolution will lead to greater strengthening of relationships and loyalty.




Allow Room for Your Child to Develop Coping Mechanisms


This also means, you don’t need to always aim to make your child happy. It might sound irrational to some, it is actually important for parents to know that being overly responsible for their child’s happiness can prevent them from experiencing frustration, sadness and anger. It is parental instinct to resolve any form of unhappiness in our child but children who do not have the opportunity to learn how to resolve negative emotions are at a higher risk to develop depression and be greatly influenced by setbacks as they grow up.


Instead of swooping in immediately, talk to your child about what they are experiencing and aid them by helping them to understand what they are going through. For example, “Why do you think you would feel this way? Shall we try to get back on our feet and give this another shot?”


The key is to allow the child the space and opportunity to build resilience to bounce back!




Plan Parties or Simple Family Gatherings!


Everyone loves a great party just like how the ponies of Ponyville know the exciting parties which Pinkie Pie throws!


Parties and gatherings are a great way to connect and catch-up with our family members. For our children, these get-togethers have additional meanings which include strong familial bonds and sense of belonging.


The love within a family is the strongest and this love is what fuels our children’s beliefs of what happiness is all about.




Our children are natural bundles of joy. We are raising confident and children with self-esteem as we nurture the happiness trait in them!


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