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6 Tips to Prepare your Preschooler for More Independence


It’s heartwarming, and at the same time frightening, to see your preschooler wanting to feed your beloved pet...


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Unlocking Your Children’s Cognitive Potential!



Our children’s brain grows the fastest in their first six years! This makes it of utmost importance for us...


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DHA for the Picky Eaters!




The early years of your child’s life is a period of incredible growth. During this time, it is important that our...


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Potty Training Basics



Are you afraid of potty training your child? Here are some tips you that can guide through the loo...


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Teaching Pre-schoolers Good Manners


Are you having a hard time raising your preschoolers with the right manners and good conduct?


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3 to 4 Year-Olds: Intellectual Milestones


As you may have been keeping track of his milestones well since he was a baby, these fascinating and amusing changes...


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Pregnancy Nutrition: Probiotics during Pregnancy

Nutrition for mummies and babies during pregnancy is of utmost importance for our parents...


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Early Learning Village

Architecturally designed with young learners in mind, Stamford American’s extraordinary new...


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Review: My English School


Without language, learning or the basics of communicating is hardly possible. My English School...


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Healthy Immune System = A Healthy Growing Child!

Is dirt good for our kids? According to experts with WebMD, there is an increasing amount of evidence...


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Combatting Vitamin Deficiency!

As much as pediatricians recommend a natural diet of vitamins through home-cooked meals, just how...


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Nurturing Your Child’s Brain with Games and DHA!

Like a sponge, a child’s brain is always absorbing new information and a never ending hive...


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Review: Brighton Montessori


A mother’s desire for quality preschool education for her children is the very foundations Brighton Montessori ...


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Review: Pat's Schoolhouse


“We believe that every child should be having fun while discovering, and ever ready to face challenges in the future ...


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Review: Learning Vision Schools


Make your child’s learning experience joyful and in turn he will learn and faster! Learning Vision embodies this in their...


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Review: Our Music Studio


Music - a language that all understand. We all will agree with the fact that music is not only ear-pleasing but also soothes minds and connects people ...


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Review: My Gym


Short attention span, highly energised and inquisitive? If this describes your youngster perfectly, My Gym is exactly the school your child would enjoy...


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Review: Stamford-Education-Preschools


Every child differs from one another. This is no different with their learning pace and development. At Stamford Education Preschool, your child is...


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Review: Art Speaks Studio


Mr Patrick Tay, co-founder of Art Speaks Studio, points out that while the benefits of engaging in the arts are usually intangible and harder to quantify...


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Friendship is Magic – Lesson 6: Honesty


The characters of My Little Pony each represent and important Element of Harmony, which helps a child to be a...


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Review: Symphony Music School


Hands up if your child loves music! Children are naturally drawn to music, for good reasons – music engages their inclination to learning language, satisfies...


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Friendship is Magic – Lesson 5: Happiness


In today’s article, find out how you can nurture the Pinkie Pie in our children! Of all the Mane Six, Pinkie Pie represents ...


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Review: Daekyo My Eye Level


All parents would love their kids to excel in pre-school and school years. But can one size of curriculum fit all? We feature Daekyo My Eye Level which sees learning...


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Teaching Children to be Loyal – Lesson 4: Loyalty


We all appreciate Rainbow Dash for her immense loyalty. In many testing situations, she always chooses...


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Helping Kids to be a Leader – Lesson 3: Leadership


Whenever we think leaders and kids together, one name that comes in mind is Twilight Sparkle...


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Review: Heguru @ Sembawang


Heguru is an effective early childhood education method that has been studied and developed by Hirotada and Ruiko Henmi for more than 30 years....


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Review: Lorna Whiston Schools


Mark Twain once said, “Explore. Dream. Discover!” Lorna Whiston Preschools pride themselves and their curriculum on just that! Focused on exploration and discovery through hands-on learning and outdoor...


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Jan & Elly English Language School


Enter Jan & Elly. One of Singapore’s pioneers to use phonics systematically to teach pre-schoolers to read independently...



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One Parenting Trick We can Learn from Royalty


This is the one parenting trick practised by Prince William and Kate Middleton that we all need to practise as parents. Read on to find out what it is.


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5 Step Guide to Shaping Proper Behaviour in Toddlers


When your toddler starts to throw a tantrum because she’s tired, hungry or when she can’t have her way, it always ends up...


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How To Talk So Kids Will Listen




As parents we always get frustrated when our kids don’t listen. Many a times we have to ask repeatedly before we get a response. Words such as “Make your bed!”...


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Helping Your Child To Be A Good Friend - Lesson 2: Kindness



Kindness is the one of the most important lessons of friendship. As parents, we all wish for our children to be strong, empathetic and caring. To get parents started, here are 7 ways to help your children be kind!


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Helping Your Child To Be A Good Friend - Lesson 1: Generosity



The characters in My Little Pony each represent an important Element of Harmony which helps a child to be a good friend. The first element we will discuss today is Rarity’s generosity. Her nature to help everyone in need and make unique presents for her friends makes her the best role model to follow when it comes to teaching children the power of giving!


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How To Grow A Child To The Fullest



Academic talent is only one of many types of intelligence in this world. What we can do as parents is to let our children find the talents they feel comfortable with. But what are those “many” talents?


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8 Tips for Working Parents: Juggling Work And Home



In today’s world, most parents try to juggle family and their work commitments in a bid to help supplement the family’s finances and to provide more opportunities for their kids. Together with Learning Vision at Raffles Place, we checked in with some parents working in the CBD and came up with 8 easy tips for all our working mums and dads!


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Letting your child experience disappointment



We really hate to see our kids feeling disappointed. But how far would we go to help ease their pain? What if they get so used to us saving them from these feelings, that they don’t know how to deal with unfairness in the future? Is it really wiser to avoid a child’s disappointment, or should we instead help them deal with it?


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Academic vs. Soft Skills for Kids



Like all parents, we want our kids to succeed in life. But it’s scary to see more and more headlines across the world telling us that our youth is finding it harder and harder to enter the workforce today. It seems that a university degree isn’t a guarantee for success anymore.


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How To Help A Child Speak English With Confidence?



English has real benefits, but it poses its own set of challenges as well especially when our children are encouraged to be good at two languages or more. What can we do to help our children speak English with confidence in a world that is getting smaller and flatter?


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How To Raise A Gifted Child



This article is not just for the parents who have children with exceptional IQ figures. It is for all parents who wish, and believe, that their children are special and gifted.


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Selecting A Childcare Centre: Factors To Consider



Choosing the right childcare centre for your kid is a daunting task. You know how crucial your child’s early years are, and you want to give them the best start...


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Five Tips To Ease First-Day Jitters



In the blink of an eye, your little one is of age and ready to start preschool – and we too are feeling the anxiety.


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Odyssey Preschool




Selecting a preschool which ticks all the right check-boxes can be tough. Knowing what to look for can be even tougher!


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Childcare Options A Personal Choice



Being a person who does not like to leave things to chance, once i knew was was pregnant last year in December, i ran through the various child care options in my mind and sought the advice of many friends. Some people will say "船到桥头自然直"  ..nay, i see the need to research really carefully and make the best decision for my family.


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Foster Your Child’s Creativity



We enrol our children in unlimited enrichment classes, classes that teach them how to read well, spell well, speak well and stay ahead of their peers in academics and sports.


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Art therapy And What It Is All About



Although Art Therapy has been around for over a century, it is relatively new to Singapore. Thus there are some notable misconceptions of what Art Therapy is all about and how is it different from the theraputic use of art.


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Therapeutic Art – What is it all about?



For a child to be holistically educated through visual art, three essential factors contribute to the success of his/her learning experience: the teacher, the learning environment and the curriculum.


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