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“We believe that every child should be having fun while discovering, and ever ready to face challenges in the future! We aspire to develop children who love life and dare to be different, to think and take on the world one little step at a time.


In short, at Pat’s, our child can always be whoever they want to be.” Ms Julia Teo, Deputy Director of Operations at Pat's Schoolhouse, shares. If we had to sum up, in a few words, the pre-school experience offered at Pat’s Schoolhouse, it is about preparing children to thrive in future.





Part of their curriculum is a whopping 88 Key Experiences crucial to children’s development, such as Music and Movement, Early Science & Discovery, and more interestingly, Cooking Experiences. Turns out, cooking experiences are a great way to nurture the children’s language abilities, numeracy concepts, physical and sensory development.


The children learn to read recipes, follow instructions, measure ingredients, discover colours, shapes, smells, tastes, all while developing their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. This is just one example of how Pat’s Schoolhouse provides a holistic and integrated approach to learning.





Pat’s Schoolhouse also boasts a unique bilingual immersion core curriculum, where each class is co-led by an English and a Chinese language teacher. This is so the teachers don’t just teach the language, they interact with the children in the language throughout the day. The children are exposed to a wide variety of topics and experiences in both languages, and language learning becomes a natural part of their daily activities.


Parents who want an extra boost for their kids will be reassured by the school’s Extended Day Programme. It promises to nurture the children’s talents and potential beyond the early foundational skills covered in their daily pre-school programme. The developmental areas that children can choose to further their interest in include Chinese Literature and Drama, Fastrackids Music, and Healthy Body, Healthy Mind.





With a well-balanced curriculum, quality teachers (Did you know Pat’s Schoolhouse was the first in Singapore to hire graduate teachers?), and the words ‘wonderful childhood’ in their school vision, it definitely looks like the people at Pat’s Schoolhouse know what they’re doing when it comes to nurturing children. It is also no wonder that the school receives such raving praise from their students’ parents.




Read on to find out what parents are saying!


“I am a non-Chinese speaking person but my daughter enjoys Chinese so much that we are letting her take it as her second language. I feel perhaps Ms Jo and Sun Lao Shi complement each other as they are doing a great job with their students. My only wish now is for my little son who is in the same Pat’s Schoolhouse to have Ms Jo as his teacher. I would know for sure that he would be in good hands. (Although daddy is Italian and mummy is Indian, Manita was offered to study Higher Chinese in Primary School)” - Mr Alessandro Di Prisco & Ms Krishna Veni, parents of Manita Di Prisco


“In Singapore's competitive education environment today, we believe that more than systems or pedagogy, it is the teachers that make the difference in developing good students. We are very lucky that at Pat's Schoolhouse, our kids both Ethan (now in Primary 3) and now Elise have encountered caring teachers that aided in not just their mental development but also character building. Pat's Schoolhouse's effective Bilingual programmes ensured that our children are equipped with the right foundations; this also enabled my son Ethan to transit to Primary School very easily.” – Mrs Wan, mother of Elise Wan (K1)


“Pat’s Schoolhouse has given Diya all the toolbox that is required to learn more – it has given her various perspectives and dimensions to interpret the learning she is going to receive. We thank Pat’s Schoolhouse for making her what she is now and taking care of her during her stay over the last 3 years. The success of her future is largely attributed to her foundation that she has received.” – Mr Harish, father of Diya Harish (K2)










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