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Music - a language that all understand. We all will agree with the fact that music is not only ear-pleasing but also soothes minds and connects people. Music is scientifically proven to improve focus, sleep and overall health.


OUR MUSIC STUDIO’s motto is ‘Building Musical Bonds That Last’. OMS teachers believe that music is a universal language and is a platform not only for laying musical foundations but also for bonding between the children and their parents or care-givers as well as the community in which they live.





Curriculum Team and Staff:


The curriculum team at Our Music Studio (or OMS) has more than 120 years of teaching early childhood music between them. They are very passionate about imparting the values of early childhood music, having seen first-hand how it has benefitted their own children.


With years of experience of handling outdoor events and stage shows, OMS passionate, articulate and animated teachers are always positive and ready to facilitate the classes.


Its competent staff ensures that students and their families embrace their musical journey at the doorstep. Both OMS teachers and frontline staff provide prompt and satisfactory service to families who attend our classes. These are some of the reasons why it has become one of the most highly recommended early childhood music schools.





Programs at Our Music Studio


Based on Orff, Kodaly and Dalcroze approaches, the curriculum also includes Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences (MI) and Braindance by Anne Green Gilbert.


OMS has a thematic curriculum, which is empowered by its original compositions and rich in musical styles and genres, be it classical, jazz, traditional, contemporary or world music.


The songs are sung mainly in English with some Malay, Mandarin, Tamil or other ethnic songs included. The 12 themes also include songs from all over the world (Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, Africa, Australia, Germany, France, Spain, Bulgaria, Hawaii, New Zealand and Poland.) This promotes cultural awareness.


There are also many original songs exclusive to OMS. These were composed, arranged and sung by most of the OMS teachers.


Apart from our 2 dedicated studios, OMS also runs music classes to more than 70 pre-schools. OMS can also be found internationally as its program is lauded by its expatriate customers. Some have partnered with OMS to introduce the OMS music curriculum to their own countries.


Here are some of the programs conducted at Our Music Studio:


Musical Babes

This program is designed for babies that are new-born to 1.5 years old. In the Musical Babes Class, you will learn how to stimulate your child’s learning through vocal play, object/instrument exploration and creative movement. You will find yourselves dancing, singing, giggling and enjoying every movement of our repertoire of songs, rhymes, baby exercises and dances.


Rhythmic Tots

The Rhythmic Tots class is a musical world filled with singing, imitating sounds, rhyming and sound identification, instrument exploration, and creative movement. These activities develop your toddler’s vocabulary, listening skills, gross and fine motor skills as well as musicianship



Some families prefer to have their children’s music enrichment done in the school that they are attending. Thus, OMS sends its trained and experienced teachers together with suitable musical equipment to the schools to deliver premium studio-quality programs on site.




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More Info:


Address: 163 Tanglin Road, #03-11B Tanglin Mall, Singapore – 247933

Tel: 6467 1789

Email: enquiry@ourmusicstudio.com.sg








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