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Without language, learning or the basics of communicating is hardly possible. My English School is your institution of choice to lay a strong foundation in English Literacy in your child, while nurturing curious and creative learners and critical thinkers.


Did you know that children who have attended 2 years of primary school and cannot read may never be able to read? My English Reading Programme addresses this need for a systematic and structured reading programme that focuses on more than just phonics. Structured into 4 individual class components, your child progresses through each stage with a promotion based solely on his readiness. The small class size ensures that your child gets sufficient attention from the teacher too.





From learning rhythm through songs and rhymes, establishing a strong vocabulary to building their social skills and oral fluency, My English Reading Programme certainly prepares your child to take on Primary One like a champ! My English School sees your child even after entering Primary School with its My English Primary Programme.





Injected with fun and creativity, your child fosters a holistic development through weekly classes and activities that are planned by experts including former MOE English Level Heads, ensuring that content is aligned and regularly updated to the MOE English Language syllabus and PSLE examination format. Key skills learnt include productive skills such as writing and speaking, receptive skills like reading, listening and viewing and build their knowledge about language like grammar and vocabulary. With My English School, your child not only masters english for school but masters english for life!


Read what parents and students themselves have to share about their experience:




Enrique’s teacher is very dedicated, caring and thoughtful. Now Enrique is able to catch up and his school teacher compliments his reading skill. Alfonso gained the writing skills he needed and is able to express himself confidently in his school. His teachers compliment his essays and he is always able to score well. Cleveland is able to express himself very well. I appreciate the teachers for their patience as Cleveland tends to lose focus easily. They share their thoughts and ideas to help Cleveland. — mum of Enrique (age 6, My Primary 1 English Class), Alfonso (age 9, My Primary 4 English Class) and Cleveland (age 8, My Primary 3 English Class)



Zoe has been attending My English School for over 4 years and we are happy with her progress and she is enjoying her lessons. The school’s syllabus is well structured and student progress is closely monitored with regular Parent-Teacher reviews. The teachers are friendly and yet professional in conducting interesting lessons. — parents of Zoe (age 8, My Primary 4 English Class)




Like any learning institution you enrol your child in, your biggest concern is if their programme is suitable for your child’s learning needs. Discover the right fit with a complimentary evaluation session today!


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