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Make your child’s learning experience joyful and in turn he will learn and faster! Learning Vision embodies this in their brand philosophy - ‘Where Learning Is A Joyful Experience’.


Grounded in their 25 year record of excellence in early childhood education, its principals and teachers continuously provide a joyful and meaningful curriculum that empowers children to become critical thinkers and creative learners, confident and ready for school, and inspired with the passion of lifelong learning. From infants aged 2 months to children aged 6 years, a holistic and progressive learning experience awaits every child.





Through their holistic and inclusive approach, Learning Vision is centered around your child as the custodian of their own learning. As the protagonist, your child is viewed as active, self-directed and competent learners who propel their own learning and are actively engaged in hands-on exploratory learning experience. through making independent choices and selecting their own activities. At Learning Vision, your child is empowered at every step of his learning journey.





To enable this, the teachers plan engaging and meaningful experiences that build on your child’s understanding and provide appropriate resources within the environment to facilitate his learning. By working independently, children direct their own learning in collaboration with their peers, instead of relying solely on teachers for directions.





As with any journey, the importance lies in the process not the final destination. This is why Learning Vision emphasises on the process of learning through experience-centred and hands-on learning. This encourages your children to explore, experiment, inquire, investigate, interact and discover ideas and concepts.


Guided by The Learning Wheel of 7 spokes on the innermost wheel, your child develops in seven distinct developmental areas -

1. Communications, Language and Literacy

2. Early Numeracy

3. Environmental and Community Awareness

4. Technology

5. Personal and Social Development

6. Physical Skills and Well-being, and

7. Creative Expressions





Each developmental area is further represented by its distinct curriculum components under its respective compartmentalised sections. Taken together, these key curriculum components further represented contribute to the holistic and total integrated curriculum further represented on the outermost layer of the wheel by the Learning Quest Curriculum and Project Hub Curriculum.


These 7 spokes connects and integrates these various curriculum components to create a holistic and integrated curriculum. This motion of a wheel in its continuous round motion reflects the images of your child’s learning as joyful, active and continuous. Most importantly, its capacity to move forward represents the goals of its curriculum as a journey towards lifelong learning and success in life.


Here’s what a parent had to say about the Learning Vision’s curriculum:


It was a pleasure seeing my 3 children Ainsley, Amelita and Reneta developing and progressing in school. It is heart-warming to know that the school cares for the children and puts in the effort to introduce more subjects and enhance the children's skills and development through its curriculum. The teachers have also shown great teamwork. Lilian and I are glad to experience such great spirit in your school. Keep up the good work and we appreciate all your hard work. My family and I look forward to another great year in 2009 with Learning Vision. - Mr Sim


In its drive towards lifelong learning, read what these alumni students had to say years later:





Hairin Bahren

I've just completed my third year studying Economics in Barnard at Columbia University in New York and while I do remember having a good time in kindergarten, it's hard for me to remember my exact experiences having it been fifteen years ago. What I do remember though, despite all these years, are daily nap and bath times. Living in New York City and being a student at Columbia, it is easy to overlook the simple rituals that I took for granted as a kid. I remember my preschool teacher teaching us the proper way to shower and how I would lay contentedly on my mattress feeling fresh and smelling like Johnson and Johnson's baby lotion. Even now as I see my commitments, appointments, assignments and obligations increase exponentially from the time I was a kid, I always set aside time to shower and rest. I am certain that I learned some of my daily habits from my teachers in Learning Vision and as I look back now I realize the importance of teaching young children these skills as they are empowering and although priorities change and relationships evolve, these habits stick with you for the rest of your life.


Eugene Lim

I’m Eugene Lim, currently studying at National Junior College. I was studying in St. Joseph’s Institution and my CCA then was NCC Air. Currently, I am in hockey in NJC. I graduated from Learning Vision in 1999. My best memories in learning vision were running around together with my friends at the playground without a care to the world and the teachers who put in so much effort and dedication to help each and every one of us.



More Info:


With over 22 preschools conveniently located across Singapore, find a centre closest to you and schedule a visit today here:http://www.learningvision.com








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