How To Raise A Gifted Child




This article is not just for the parents who have children with exceptional IQ figures. It is for all parents who wish, and believe, that their children are special and gifted – because we have done some good research and garnered information which led us to the conclusion that raising a gifted child is less about having one than building one.



A child can become what you believe in him


The baseline begins with a belief that a child can become everything. Faced with a child who cannot keep track of his assignments, parents can either punish him for being too careless and incompetent to take heed of his responsibilities, or they can provide him different ways of help so that their child can grow beyond what other people perceive. Depending on your choice, he can become an outcast or a man of boundless possibilities.


This was actually the story of Pamela Lim, a successful self-made entrepreneur and mother of five children. Some of her children were diagnosed with symptoms varying from executive function disorder to autism and were even asked by the school principal to leave the programme. Pamela never let down the hope she bore for her children. She did not make a mistake of calling too early judgment and labelling the kid as un-salvageable. Rather, she tried to see who they are. She closely observed them and listened to them. She eventually found what they are good at (what she calls gold), and made it shine. As a result, four of her children overcame the struggle, instead of being crushed by it, and made to university at the age of 14 (caveat: going to university at early age is not the benchmark for success – it is the fact that her children found their place in the society rather than being casted out).


So, your children can become what you believe in them. But don’t take this as you can simply demand your child what you want and what you believe. A belief does not arise out of thin air. See your child, understand your child, hear out your child – and then give them the best trust and conviction you can have as their parents.



Give your children what’s best for them, not what’s best for other kids


Parents are always struggling with the same question: “How can my child become better?” They want their children to be happier, smarter, healthier, and on and on. So they do everything in their power to provide their kids with the opportunities that neighborhood kids are enjoying – English lesson, swimming class, enrichment courses, you name it. However, just because the other kids are going to the top-labelled school, it doesn’t mean it is what your child needs. Again, the same lesson: see your child, understand your child, and hear them out. Then your job as a parent is to become smarter. Knowing what you think is the best for your child is not enough. You need to figure out what your child wants and what they can be good at.


“You just need to put aside your standards, your judgment and ambitions for the child. Listen and watch carefully. When you find that, you have found gold, then help - and not push - the child to achieve his or her wildest ambitions (Pamela Lim)."





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