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Heguru is an effective early childhood education method that has been studied and developed by Hirotada and Ruiko Henmi for more than 30 years.


While conventional educational methods mainly focus on “how instructors teach children”, the Heguru method focuses on “how to grow the children’s ability to acquire education”.


At Heguru, a method that enhances children’s fundamental abilities from the periods of pre-natal and infancy, has been established. However, the Heguru method is more than a simple early childhood education. It focuses on fostering the “good hearts” of children, so that when they grow up, they are able to make meaningful contributions to society.


It has been widely recognized that children benefit from early education. Additionally, to increase the level of effectiveness for childhood learning, “right brain development” is the key to success.


Training the “right brain” from infancy will allow children to enhance their various fundamental abilities on their own pace without hassle. Heguru has evolved this “right brain development".




The instructors went through rigorous training in Japan, under the guidance and leadership of Heguru founders Mr. and Mrs. Henmi, to support and understand the method and philosophy that was developed in HEGL (Henmi Education General Laboratory) HQ.


Training does not stop and is progressive even after the teachers are granted their certificates to teach at different levels. The teachers constantly seek improvement in ourselves and strive to bring the best in every child.




Under the Right Brain Development Programme, the certified instructors employ a variety of teaching methods with over 50 fun and fast-paced activities including flash cards, memory cards, and challenging puzzles.


For the infant and toddler classes, an environment is created where parents are involved to establish a mental connection with their little ones, which will help to unlock the potential of the right brain, improve communication skills and precious bonds between child and parents.






We welcome all parents to come for Parent Information Sessions held on Saturdays (11am) and Sundays (3pm)!


Each session will last approxmately 1 hour and parents can expect to find out more about Heguru’s Award-Winning curriculum as well as get a brief demonstration of some of the programs that we do in class.


Plus receive a FREE Goodie Bag + more than $75 in perks when you sign up now! Light beverage refreshments will be provided.







"Kerwin is able to link up space, planets, earth and Singapore. We are amazed that he is able to understand the atlas at the age of 3 and he loves reading the atlas. Kerwin has fast reaction time, and his learning speed has improved tremendously.


He is able to understand the concept of addition and subtraction, and also the concept of opposites. Kerwin has also become more expressive, imaginative and creative and is talking more now. He will look out for various signs which he has learned in class, in his every day surroundings. Kerwin is very happy to come to Heguru because the teachers are friendly and happy and he get to play with toys." - Mr Ng (Kerwin's daddy)




"After this program, Edlynn can do counting well, and do mandara by herself. She is able to do matching and recognise more/less, and also the various letters in her name." - Jojo Chan (Edlynn's mummy)




"We are glad to have enrolled Kayden in Heguru Sembawang. After attending the program for 1 week, it seems to trigger his interest in learning and reading and he was found flipping and reading quietly which was never the case before starting the program.


We believe that this program really hep improve his concentration and kept his interest in books high. The teachers are professional, well-trained and caring and we are confident that this program will go a long way in aiding kayden as he works towards a brighter future." -Mr and Mrs Goh(Kayden's parents)




"Though my child has attended only 3 sessions, I am beginning to see interesting effects of the programme. He is able to remember and identify nouns/things, even with only 1 encounter/ not seeing it for a month. I strongly believe that Heguru helped in accelerating the speed of my child's learning. Most importantly, he enjoys the class and loves the teachers.


As for myself, I sense the positive energy and motivation from the staff, which greatly encourage me to play/guide him at home. At 27 months, he is able to sing a number of nursery rhymes all by himself." - Sherry (Spenser's mummy)




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